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-Welcome to Diablo 2 Universe. This is basically just another Diablo 2 site, but with a catch: when you register, we'll hook you u with freebies, and it's not a scam because you don't have to give your account password. Thats right, we deliver them to you right away. You're probably curious as to why we would just give these items away, but it's all explained in the Information section. The site just got activated so please help us make it bigger. Good luck!

Who We Are
-The site admins are as follows:

1. Joe Mcdowl
2. Wormy
3. Mark Herrick

-Joe is the main guy. He updates the site whenever needed and eats alot of popcorn (?). Wormy is the one who supplies us with the gear. He owns one of them online Diablo 2 stores and hhe decided to help us along. Mark is the one who tells Joe what to put on the site, so he's mainly the editor as some would call it. We all enjoy playing Diablo 2 and hope we can spread our wealth with all you guys.

Benefits Of Registering
-Well the free gear is kind of obvious, but you also get access to the latest Diablo 2 mods, patches, hacks, runewords, Horadric Cube recipes, an exellent forum, etc. We all know you want the free stuff, just help promote the site, it's one of the main things we ask. We just want this site to be successful.

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