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There are many sites pertaining to the background story behind Coheed and Cambria. Most of those sites contradict each other, and anyone reading from site to site will probably become easily confused. It's easy to become confused with the massive story the band has going on, so I've decided to create this page to help sort it all out.

The story is a supposed quadrilogy, which are titled:
1. The Bag Online Adventures of Coheed and Cambria*
2. The Second Stage Turbine Blade (First Album)
3. In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 (Second Album)
4. My Dearest Apollo, Goodbye, I'm Burning Star: 4*

* = Tentatively titled


- Coheed (becomes Monstar after the serum activates)
- Cambria
- Jesse (Coheed's brother)
- Patrick
- Narris
- Larry
- Gloria
- Mariah
- Jason
- Will
- Ambellina (fairy-like creature who explains to Claudio his role in everything)
- Mayo
- Al the Killer (racist psychopath)
- Newo Ikkin (Claudio's love interest)

Children of Coheed and Cambria:

- Claudio ("The Crowing")
- Maria
- Josephine
- Matthew

- Coheed and Cambria are a husband and wife duo who live in a dark version of planet Earth. Coheed is injected with a tainted serum by a dragonfly and then sent to find Cambria on another planet. When he sees her, the serum coursing through his veins is activated, turning him into a creature called the Monstar.

- Although he's evil, Monstar has the ability to either save or destroy the universe, which is on the brink of disaster following the disarray of The Keywork.

The following is what Claudio Sanchez (lead singer) has said about the story:

-Coheed and Cambria are dead...and so are three of their four children.(Second Stage Turbine Blade) Who killed them will still remain questioned, but know that it is the reason this record and the next stories exist.

-A dream takes place with the ending of the song Neverender(SSTB) "cry yourself to sleep" and that is where this record begins. A character falls asleep in the last record and has a dream while the event of the SSTB progress to the end of Coheed and Cambria. The telephone ring...the ship sound..."Hello Apollo...where should I begin?"...all play a role to a sort of dreamed reality. Basically, the dream is real.

-Apollo...this might help clear a little up, but Apollo is a dog.

-Claudio is the last surviving and second born of Coheed and Cambria's children. Jesse AKA the "Prize Fighter Inferno" is the brother of Coheed. Making Claudio the even number nephew to him. Inferno or Jesse plays a very important role in these stories.

- The story involves The Keywork, a group of 78 planetary systems.

- The circles are the seven power stations that bind these systems together. These circles represent Oracles, the Stars of Sirius. They are referred to as Powerstar Transformers. The triangle forms the beams that hold all 78 planets in line.

- During the events of In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3, Earth and its solar system are broken free from The Keywork and lost in the dust cloud resulting from the break.

- The Prises are celestial beings that oversee The Keywork. Ambellina is one of many winged, fairy like creatures chosen to watch over The Keywork. Ambellina has become human to watch and protect Claudio.

- Ambellina explains to Claudio his role in everything as being "The Crowing," a messiah-like figure.

"Dear Ambellina, the Prise wishes you to watch over me
Dear Ambellina, the Prise wishes all to watch over me
I fought the decisions that call and lost
My mark has the revelant piece in this
I will come reformed
In short, for the murders of those I court
I bless the hour that holds your fall
I will kill you all!!"

-In "Blood Red Summer," Claudio tries to cope with the idea of him being The Crowing.

"What did I do to deserve this?"

- "Velorium Camper I, II, and III" deal with the character known as Al the Killer. Al is a racist psychopath but plays an important role in the story.

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