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Welcome to Clean Light, a site dedicated to the LA band The Calling.

09 January 2004-Title of new record released!:Last month Alex and Aaron left a message in The Loft explaining that their new single will be out in Feb, while their new Album called 'TWO' will be released 29th March in Europe!!!YAY-i can't wait!Happy new year everyone!

10 November 2003-Billy and Nate sue Alex and Aaron:Yep you read that right. Now who would of thought that two to TC's ex-band mates would scope as low as to suing them. I just hope that Alex and Aaron win this battle because they don't deserve it. Read the full details here Not much other news right now. But i'll fill you in if there is!

03 November 2003-Why Don't You And I not to be released in UK:After Santana's new song ft.Alex had been played in the UK for a couple of weeks, it looks like it is not set for release over here. However its going song in other parts of the world, so fingers crossed it will do well! I'm sorry about the lack of updates lately, i've been very busy. I'm afraid the tour link in some areas will not work, but as yet i haven't had time to remove all links.

31 August 2003-New Tour Diary Entry: Alex has wrote a new tour diary entry.To read it visit The Loft.

26 August 2003-Tour Underway: The Calling's new tour is in full swing. Starting in Brazil! Check out the new Tour section to add your reviews.

21 August 2003-Why Don't You And I Release Date: The new Santana single featuring Alex Band, Why Don't You And I, is to be released in the UK on 6th October!

16 August 2003-Clean Light opens!