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CHS Marching Lions

Picture submitted by Derek T.

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Welcome to the Official Website of the Covington High School Marching Lions!


** Welcome to The New Era of the CHS Marching Lions Online. Myself and Paige will now be bringing you up-to-date information involving the band. Paige is now my Assistant, but her work is still needed just as much as before. Paige will handle the message board and most of the picture work. Regarding the message board, it will be turned off mod mode soon. With that said we are going to trust you to post mature conversations on the board. If we find anything that will start confrintation of any kind it will be deleted. Within the next couple of weeks expect to see a few changes regarding the website.
Brian B.

**The Band Booster meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 P.M in the Band Room. Band, Flag Team, and Dance Team parents are HIGHLY encouraged to attend!! Any important information on things dealing with the boosters will be posted on the band boosters page on the site for those who are not able to attend. I'll try to keep you updated!

**Check out the schedule page for dates and meetings.

**If anyone has pictures they would like on the website, please send them to me, Paige Terry at, or give them to me, and let me scan them. I'll return them to you!! Thanks!

Seniors, Class of 2005

Heather Bouchard
Doug Caldwell
Kristi Carroll
Jerry Kern
Amy Lewis
Brittani Steele
Tara Yocum


Mr. Naquin

"Thanks a million and remember, the world is a stage..." -Mou
~*~*We'll never forget you Mouton!*~*~


Heather Bouchard

Brittani Steele

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