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"Ones Unnamed"

Thoughts written so boldly, washed bathed with the
Their Fingers are burning down past the skin
Words so clear to my eyes now
The words appear readible only to me
Why does it have to be this way?
Why am i this way?
Now tell me...
Now tell me.
Bathed, wished in a dark sunlight,
Shun me for enternity
They seem to understand my answers,
But still They keep it from me.
But before me were they still unknown?
Before me....
Their souls lost in a glance, drifting slowly away
From all else.
They more they sing, the less the seem to cling
They keep walking straight through me
Lost within this dark calamity.
Washed away for all to see----.

"Smile of My Angel"

It's never a world of hurt.
Arms strong, warm, wide open.
Thoughts directed towards me.
Feelings that make me real.
It's not something that's fake.
Winking with a sparkle in the eye,
As I awake.

Hands grasped tightly,
People understand opening,
Once a lifetime is low
often this light shines
As if an angel introduced us
Showing us what's real,
The time the darkness shines thfouhg,
Learning how much I
love you.