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ED’s CDR Trading Page




LAST UPDATED 5/27/2001

I prefer to trade at least 5 CDs at a time.  I'm not interested in art work only the music



Email me at:


These are the CD’s I have available for trade right now, if you see something you want email me for a possible trade.




11/1/2000 Paris is Burning 2cd

10/24/2000 Germany – 2cd

9/13/2000 Phoenix, AZ- Let’s Get Loud  2cd




San Francisco, CA 11/1/1979 2Cds

5/3/1976 2cd

Live 1975 1CD

Live 1966 2CDs




Groovin at the Greek w Jimmy Page  2cd

9/3/1996 Atlanta,GA “Think N’ Thin” – 2cd

3/18/1995 -Live  1cd

10/31/1994 – London, England- “Mean Fiddler” 1cd

8/10/1994- Atlanta, GA- “Taller Tour”  1cd


EDDIE HAZEL (All Studio)

Loose Ends

Games, Dames, & Guitar Thangs

Rest in P





1990-1991-London, England- Royal Albert Hall 1cd

1991 London, England “In the Spotlight” 1cd

8-14-75- Live 1cd





MD 3/15/90 3CDS

Oakland, CA  12/31/1981 4cd

12/15/1972 Set II   1CD


FILMORE 11/8/69 3CDS

FILMORE 2/11/69 2CDS

2/25/1966 1cd

5/19/1966  1cd

7/29//1966 1cd

7/30/1966 1cd

11/10/1967 1 cd


D.P. 13 3CDS

D.P. 4  3CDS

D.P. 1  2CDS

D.P. 8 3CDS

D.P. 10 3CDS

D.P. 7 3CDS

I HAVE TONS OF DEAD COMING so if you don't see what you want email me I may have it.




Live 5/5/82

Live 10/17/1975




Greatest Hits Live 1cd

Hendrix Concerts

Live at Woodstock 2cd

BBC Sessions 2cds

Welcome to the Electric Circus 1cd

Best of the Bootlegs 1cd

Life Lines 4cd set

Rainbow Bridge 2cd

Diamonds in the dust (studio) 2cds

Band of Gypsies Outtakes (studio) 2cds

Live at the Fillmore East- 12/31 to 1/1 2cds

Sunshine of Your Love 1cd

Isle of Wight 1970 1cd

Atlanta, GA 7/4/1970 1cd

5/30/1970 Berkley,CA- 1st Show 1cd

5/30/1970 Berkley,CA- 2nd Show 1cd

5/30/1970 Berkey, CA- Soundcheck 1cd

5/25/1969 1cd

Los Angeles Forum 4/25/70 1cd

Live 69 1cd

San Jose Pop Festival 5/25/1969 1cd

Oakland Coliseum- 4/27/69 2cd

Live 68 1cd




Jenning Farm Blues (Studio)

Song of the South  Date:???  1cd

Last Stand  Date:???  1cd

Physical Graffiti Studio “Outtakes” 1cd

Last Tour Hannover 6/24/1980 2cd

Live in Rotterdam 6/21/1980 1cd

Knebwort, England 8/11/79  3cd

Destroyer 4/27/77 3cd

LA 6/21/1977 3cd

Earls Court 5/18/75 4cd

Live in New York 7/15/1973 2cd

The Butterqueen 5-19-73 2cd

Live in London 1971 1cd

Leicester, England  11/25/71 3cd

Back on the West Coast- Berkely, CA  9/13/1971 2cd

Live in London 3/35/1971 1cd

Royal Albert Hall- London, England 1970 1cd

Blueberry Hill 9/4/70 2cd

Live in Vancouver 3/21/1970 1cd

Royal Albert Hall- London, England 1969 1cd

Dallas, TX 8/3/1969 1cd

Rockpile Canada 2/2/69 1cd




Azimuth Coordinator- 2cd

Stoned Alone 1cd

Pompeii 1cd

Mono Piper (studio) 2cds

The Wall Live 2cds

Amsterdam 1969 1 cd

Ultra Rare Trax- vol.2 (live) 1cd

Bytes of the Talisman 10/3/1971 1cd

Live in London 1972 1cd

A Saucerful of Outtakes (studio) 1cd

Ontario 6/28/75 2cds

Birmingham 2/11/70 1cd

Echoes in the Garden 6/18/1975 3cds

Rock Hour 9/30/1971 1cd

Atom Heart Moo live 3/8/70 2cds

Rotterdam 10/12/1967 1cd

Interstellar Encore 4/29/70 2cd

Sussex, England 8/8/69 1cd

Oakland 9/5/77 2cd

Live at Alamenda Coliseum, CA 9/5/77 2cds

The Journey through the Past 8/8/69 1cd

Yeeshkul, 3/11/73 2cd

Beset by the Creatures of the Deep 5/9/69 1cd

Live- 7/18/1975 2 cd

Nassau Coliseum, NY  2/28/80 2cd

Welcome to the Machine- Madison Square Garden, NY 7/2/77 1cd

Live- 3/30/94 2 cd

Rainbow Theatre, London 2/11/72 1cd

Rainbow Theatre, London 11/4/73 1cd

Live 3/12/1970 1cd

6/17/1973 Exploding in your Mind- Saratoga, NY 1cd

7/5/1975 Knebworth 2cd

4/14/1969 Live 2cd



ROBBY KRIEGER (of the Doors)

Live Show called RKO 1cd

Robby Krieger and Friends 1cd

Butts Band 1cd

Santa Monica Pier (w/ John Densmore)- Santa Monica, CA 7/13/2000 1cd

 Fort Lauderdale, FL 3/8/2001 2cd

The House Of Blues- Hollywood, CA 4/11/01 2cd

The Boardwalk – Sacramento (Orangevale), CA 4/14/2001 2 Cd



Carson, CA 5/6/95 1cd

Live at the Shooter 1cd

Live at Kuci 3/5/94  1cd

Hong Kong Phooey 1cd

Hollywood, a 10/21/95 1cd

Anaheim, CA 2/2/95 1cd (Brad Nowell acoustic) 1cd

Live at the Tressal Tavern  11/24 2 cds

Hollywood Palace, CA 2/17/95 1cd

Stand by your Van Live 1cd

The Black album #1 1cd

The Black Album #2 1cd




Miami, FL 3/1/69 1cd

The Matrix 7/3/1967 2cd

The Matrix 10/3/1967 2cd

The Matrix Tapes (Compulation)   March 10/7 67 2cds

Isle of Wight 70 1cd

Hollywood Bowl 68 1cd

Seattle 6/5/1970 1cd

Midnight Sampler 1cd

Detroit, MI 5/8/70 2cds

PA 2/2/70 2cds

Vancouver  5/6/1970 2cds

Stockholm 1st and 2nd Show

9/20/1968 2cds

Westbury Music Fair 1cd

Toronto 9/13/69 1cd

TV Eye 1cd

Down the Rivers and the Highways 1cd

Build me a Woman 1cd

Love Me Tender (studio) 1cd

Future is Murder (studio)1cd

The Lost Paris Tapes (studio) 1cd (Jim only)

Never before released (studio) 1cd

Invitation (studio) 1cd

Objects of Desire (studio) 1cd

Full Circle (studio) (no Jim 1cd)

Other Voices (studio) (no Jim) 1cd

Winterland 12/26/67 1Cd

Radio Bremen 5/3/72 1Cd

Live 5/10/68 1Cd

LA 12/14/68 1CD

Dallas, TX 7/9/68 1CD

Boston, MA 3/17/68 1CD




2000 The House of Blues 1cd

12/23/2000  Live 2cd

12/4/73 Philadelphia, PA 1cd

4/5/1969 Fillmore 1cd




Merriweather Post Pavillion- Columbia, MD 10/4/99  2cd

High Grass Dogs Live from the Fillmore 3/15&16/1999 1cd

10/4/1999 2cd

Under the Skies so Blue 11/20/1991 1CD

Free Fallen- NC 1990 1cd

Jacksonville, FL 1987 87 1cd

7/30/1985 2cd

Live in Holland 1982 2cd

9/19/1981 2cd

Boston 7/16/78 1cd

4/1977 and 6/1977- Shout

Rockplast 6/14/77

11/29/1977- Don’t Bring me Down

1976 Boston – The Official Live Leg




Diamond Dave goes Home Again Date ???

Old School   Date: ???

Van Halen w/ Sammy Date: ???

5/21/1984  Live- San Diego, CA 1cd

1983 US Festival 2cd

2/5/1983 Van Halen Live 2cd

5/1/1980 Live at the Capitol Center- Largo, MD 1cd




Medeski, Martin ,and Wood Live 4/10/99

Santana Live from the Fillmore 1968 2cd

Santana Live from the Fillmore 2/16/69 1cd

Black Sabbath Live War Pigs 1 Cd

Black Sabbath Live 4/6/74

Rolling Stones Unplugged

Cream Live 8/68 1cd

Funkadelic Live 9/12/19712cd

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Live Woodstock 99 1cd

Beastie Boys Loreley Festival 2cd

SRV live 11/28/1989 1cd

SRV- Touch the Sky (studio) 1cd

The Police Live Show- Date=? 2CDs

Dave Mathews Band- Giants Stadium  5-26-1999 2 Cds

Dave Mathews Band- 2/18/96 3cd

Dave Mathews Band- 9/2/00 3cd

Nirvana- Complete Covers (Studio & Live) 1CD

Nirvana- 10-31-1991 Paramount Theater- Seattle,WA

Alice Cooper- Muscle of Love (studio never released on CD, only vinyl)

Oysterhead- 5/4/00 2cd

Les Claypool- 9/2/2000 1cd

Les Claypool- Las Vegas, NV 9/29/00 2cd

Bob Marley- Rotterdam 7/7/78 2cd

Derek & The Dominos- 10/23/70 2cd

Phil & Friends- Worfield 4-16-99 1cd

Phil & Friends- 8-7-1998 2cd

Garcia, Crosby, Lesh, Heart – 12/15/1970






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