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Burrito Bumper Cars

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Alright, so we're the Burrito Bumper Cars. If you didn't notice that from the big words at the top...then you're just like K.C.! Oh, yeah the picture at the top isn't any of us. I (Cailin) just got it off the layouts site at the bottom of this page for free. So there's your subliminal advertisment for the day!

The Band

Zach Dodson
Lead Guitar

K.C. Carrier
Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

Kody Muhic

Cailin Sisk

(there is no lead singer)


Well, this is going to be put in sections according to who wrote it.

Cailin's Songs

She knew it wouldn't last
but why was she so sad when it ended so fast
They called each other twice a day
North Caorlina seemed so far away
He didn't even see that she was young

(Verse One)
She never wants to see his face
but that's the thing she never sawit in the first place
Phone bills racking up to tons of money
And now she thinks about it, he wasn't even that funny
Drawings of his name
Now it can't be the same


(Verse Two)
Now some scars can heal
but she can't change the way she feels
She says "I'm still missing part of me,
but now I'm smart enough to know he's not the key."
Everyday she forgets about him more
Now her thinking about him isn't a chore


(Verse Three)
She used to think it was her fault
it shocks her like a lightning bolt
to realize how he was such a jerk
but her thoughts about him still lurk
This might train her to be tougher
but she feels as if the cops just cuffed her


(Verse Four)
All the times he made her laugh
don't even try to do the math
She still feels angry and sad
She thinks she's going mad
When she thinks about him
She raises her chin
and says to herself.....

"I knew it wouldn't last
but why was I so sad when it ended so fast
We called each other twice a day
North Carolina seemed so far away
but he didn't even see I was young
And at the end I realized he was so dumb."


"Fake Meat"
(Verse One)
You tell everyone how great you are at guitar
but your insides really are marred
In your $50 designer jeans
And all your friends really are all your fiends

You know you're so fake
Like veggie meat and easy bake
You have to realize you're a joke
And with all those expensive clothes I think you're broke

(Verse Two)
You say you hate people who gossip
Then you say "O.M.G. She looks like a blimp!"
So quit your 2-faced behavior
Just so you know trying not to kill you is a chore
With all your tee-shirts that say "PUNX"
Oh Shut up with all of your junk


(Verse Three)
You love Simple Plan and Good Charlotte
We all know your just full of shit
You get all your "punk" threads at hot topic
I say we should just burn it
You think you're so unique and different
You really aren't even with all that money spent


(Verse Four)
And your $30 Yellowcard shirt
When you hear someone blurt
"She looks like trash"
You just wasted all your cash
You put it in the trash can
But continue to be a Yellowcard fan


(Verse Five) When your mom tells you to clean your room
You jump on the table and yell "Mom, Anarchy's in bloom!"
Without realizing how stupid you sound
You grab your mom's vase she just found
And throw it to the floor
Now your grounded one month more
And you don't know why

K.C.'s Songs

Kody's Songs











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