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my family destroyed with your insanity
time went by and not knowing what to expect
five years of indecision
I tried to help you
I tried to be with you
but now I知 breaking free and I知 letting go
you will not hurt me anymore
I was filled with so much pain and hate
I couldn't get threw to you
and you wouldn't change to for your own family
all I wanted was a father to be there for me
was that to much to ask?
I知 breaking free
I知 letting go
today I知 saying goodbye
trying to help me and you only hurt me
take care of yourself and get some help cause
today I知 saying goodbye
It didn't have to turn out like this
I tried my hardest to hold on
I kept coming back hoping you would change
my heart has been scared for life
it hurts so much to lose
I never want to lose again
now I'm gone
so many tears cried out for you
I hope you find peace in your mind
love in your heart
why does it have to be like this
I never wanted it to be like this
I didn稚 know what to do so I gave up on you
I had to break free from your insanity
your pain and sickness was making me crazy
you will never break my heart again