December 2nd
- Oh yeah, my homepage. Well, if you came here looking for Bodom lyrics, I've still got the old ones, but there won't be any updates to them, cause I really don't listen to Bodom much anymore (or much metal at all for that matter). The good news is that I have new songs up, and they rock (well, for MIDIs). Much better than the old crap. I'm gonna get some actual recordings up here someday, someday...

My songs:

A Bit Closer to Heaven (2:14)
Blue Skies (1:13)
Chrysalis (0:46)
Detritus (1:54)
Elucidation (2:05)
Falling Up (1:59)
Gravity (3:00)
Heaven Or Hell? (2:11)
Illusionist (2:21)
Jack of No Trades (2:51)
Karma (1:29)
Memorial (1:24)
Noumenon (2:14)

Bodom stuff

Something Wild CD
Hatebreeder CD
Follow the Reaper CD
Hate Crew Deathroll CD
Covers and misc.