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Beverly Hills Middle School

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Did you lose your music again??!!??

Click on the link for your instrument below. You will need a password to open the file.

See Mr. Blessington for the current password.

Hello there! Beneath the links for your music are most of the recordings of the music you will studying for this year. You can listen to them on the page by clicking on each recording * OR * You can download the recordings to your computer and make a CD for yourself.

Here’s how :

1. Click on the link for the recording.

2. The recording will start in your browser.

3. Stop the recording by pushing the play/pause button.

4. In the “File” menu(or at least it should be in the file menu) select “Save Page As” .

5. Save the file as an MP3 on your desktop * OR * create a new folder to save the music files in the location of your choice.

6. Import the MP3 files into your iTunes (or whatever you use to play music… iTunes will work the best).

7. Burn a CD or import the recording to your iPod/MP3 player.

8. Listen! Listen! Listen! And Practice, practice, practice!!

Try listening to each piece following along in the sheet music without your instrument.
Then, go back and finger along on your instrument as you follow the sheet music.
Then, play along lightly on your instrument, but be sure you are listening and playing WITH the recording.
Work out the rough spots without the recording.
Try it again with the recording.
Repeat the process until you get it!!
The better prepared you are for our rehearsals the better the whole group will sound!! Your “band/orch-mates” are depending on you to do your best! PRACTICE!!!!

Marching Band Music Fall 2015
(MP3 Recording of the song is at the bottom.)

Sectional/Group Lesson Schedule



Alto Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone

Bari Saxophone


French Horn


Baritone Horn


Snare Drum (8th Grade)

Quads (7th Grade)

Bass Drum (6th Grade)


Cymbals/Aux. Percussion

Parts for Eine Kleine Christmas

MP3 Recordings of Marching Band Music

Eine Kleine Christmas.mp3



Everything Is Awesome.mp3

Everything Is Awesome slower.mp3

Everything Is Awesome Slower....mp3

Shut Up And Dance With Me.mp3

Shut up and dance slower.mp3

(MP3 Recordings of some songs are at the bottom.)

Sectional/Group Lesson Schedule

Violin 1 (8th grade)

Violin 2 (7th Grade)

Violin 3 (6th Grade)





Tuning Notes.mp3

Shephard's Hymn.mp3

Deck The Hall.mp3 (Tuned to pitch in G)

Christmas Bells for Smart Phone or Tablet.mp3

Christmas Bells for Smart Phone or Tablet.mp3

Pachelbel Canon version 1.mp3

Pachelbel Canon version 2.mp3

Pachelbel Canon version 3.mp3

Pachelbel Canon version 4.mp3

Jazz Ensemble

Sorry! No Jazz Music Yet!! Coming Soon!!

Click on the link for the Jazz Music below. You will need a password to open the file.

Alto Sax 1

Alto Sax 2

Tenor Sax 1

Tenor Sax 2

Bari Sax

Trumpet 1

Trumpet 2

Trumpet 3

Trumpet 4

Trombone Tenor Sax 1

Trombone Tenor Sax 2

Trombone Tenor Sax 3

Trombone Tenor Sax 4






The Woogie.MP3

The WoogieSLOW.MP3

The Woogie Solo Practice Track.MP3

One Note Samba MP3

One Note Samba Solo Practice Track MP3

Ain't No Mountain High Enough.MP3

Kansas City.MP3

Things Ain't What They Used To Be.MP3

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