Playing With The Big Boys


Was this man ever going to shut up? I was beginning to get impatient. He had already given me implicit instructions on what needed to be done. Yet he rambled on, perhaps he didnít think I could handle the task.

I had acquired this job in my first year at the University. I knew no one when I arrived here. My only connection was through my aunt. She knew my bossís father and I was under the impression they were very close. She arranged my employment here thanks to her Ďdear old friendí. I can still hear her, "I am not sending you half way around the world without having someone there to keep an eye on you, dearie."

It wasnít a bad job really. Good pay and not too many hours, but it was a dead-end job. I was a gopher-girl. "Go fer this go fer that." It was hardly rewarding. The biggest downside was my lecherous boss. He was constantly fixated on my body; his flirting, if you could call it that, was limited to the lewdest of comments and occasionally would touch me sending the worst vibes down my spine.

I was apprehensive when he called me into his office. He made it sound very important and I prayed he was not playing games with me. He wasnít even supposed to be here today. I had come in to catch up on some work and I thought the office would be empty. Everyone had decided to take today off and make it a long weekend. Had I known he would be here I would never had worn this tight black skirt and blouse. He informed me that he had a very important errand for me to run. He carried on and on about itís importance and how it needed to be handled very discreetly.

Snapping me out of my trance, he bellowed, "Are you listening to me child?"

"Yes sir, I understand. No dawdling. I will be back within the hour."

"Be off with you then and donít screw this up"

I was grateful he was finally finished.

I hurried down the stairs and out the front door of the office. Damn, itís raining and I didnít grab my umbrella. I tucked the papers under my coat, and tried to pull my coat up over my hair. I didnít want to look like a drowned cat when I finally got to meet HIM.

I jumped in my new car, still unsure I can afford this car but I was running out of excuses for not accepting rides home from the boss. Now how did he say to get to EMI studios? I hadnít been listening to the beginning of the directions. I had noticed he had begun eyeing up my legs and I had to make sure I wasnít giving him a show. Oh right, three blocks and then a right.

The drive should have only taken about ten minutes, but of course I was much more nervous than I thought I would be and I had to take a wrong turn. After twenty minutes, I finally arrived. I pulled out the papers momentarily fearing I may have not grabbed all five sheets that needed HIS signature. Ahhh, good they were all there.

I was finally going to meet Paul McCartney. I knew our agency was handling the purchase of his new home however the best I was hoping for was a glimpse of him at the office. I had gone through all sorts if scenarios in my head about Ďbumping into him at the officeí. Never in wildest dreams did it occur to me that I was going to have a chance to meet ALL the Beatles. However, here I am on my way to where they all are, recording a song for their second movie. Would the stars be aligned right for me today?

My boss had called ahead so I was expected, but this didnít stop the desk clerk from being suspicious. She sent me up but not before leaving me with the condescending instruction to not enter the studio if the red light was on.

I was relieved when I got up there the red light was indeed on. This gave me a chance to run a comb through my hair and make myself somewhat presentable. As I was doing this I saw through the door window the occupants in the room. I could see John and Ringo but saw no sign of Paul or George.

Luckily I didnít have to wait very long before the red light went off. My nerves forced a deep breath through my lungs and I stepped inside. Then, coming through the door, I was able to lay my eyes on my two favorite Beatles, Paul and George. All my girlfriends had always given me a hard time about not picking a favorite, but I liked them both so much in different ways. If I had to pick a favorite I guess it would be George, but Paul certainly had an effect on me also. As soon as I opened my mouth to introduce myself the man in the engineer box, yelled, "Ok boys, We are ready. Letís try it again", and the red light was on. Paul gave me a hush signal so I just stood there as quietly as I could listening to this wonderful song:

Youíre gonna lose that girl (yes, yes youíre gonna lose that girl.)

Youíre gonna lose that girl, (yes, yes youíre gonna lose that girl)

If you donít take her out tonight,

Sheís gonna change her mind (sheís gonna change her mind)

And I will take her out tonight,

And I will treat her kind (Iím gonna treat her kind)


Then one of the pieces of equipment let out an ear-piercing screech. And the music stopped. "Sorry boys, thought we had it fixed. Take five and I mean five."

As Paul walked over to me I felt my hands get sweaty and a lump develop in my throat, but I was able to get out "Hi. Iím from the Baro Agency. I have some documents for you to sign".

"Right. Hand Ďem over gurl, Iíll sign them and send you on your way".

As he was looking them over George walked by. He gave me a little once over look and a wink and said "Hey Paul, Iím headed to the loo. Iíll be right back". My stomach immediately jumped into my throat, I really wanted to say something. I thought it was sad that they had to always let someone know where they were going. After a few minutes Paul turns to me and replies " Yeah ok, I need a pen luv." Oh crap I wasnít sure if I had one. I started fumbling around in my purse and this made Paul snicker. "Didnít come very prepared, did ya? Guess you are not ready to play with the big boys are you?"

I know this made me blush. I am rather sensitive when it comes to being too young, after all I am almost 21. I blurted out, "I have no problem playing with the big boys, sir." George returned precisely at this moment and chuckled, "I bet."

This was all Paul needed to start in on me in his flirtatious way adding "Bet you couldnít take on any one of us boys here." I know I was turning beet red now. Why was I letting him get to me, I get a lot worse than this from that boss of mine, but he was getting to me. I was beginning to feel brave and, knowing this was a one time meeting, I put on the calmest voice I could muster and said, "I could take you both on at the same time" mocking his accent, "luv."

He started to think about this when the director yelled, "We are ready boys. Letís get this done before supperÖ"

Paul looked at me and said, "Come on gurl, prove your worth and find me a pen while the boys and I finish this little song." As he returned to the group, they all had a laugh at whatever he told them. Then he whispered something to George causing him to flash me one of his award-winning smiles.

I was feeling quite foolish. Why had I said that, and why hadnít this pen that just appeared at the top of my purse been there before.

As I continued to watch them, I began to get that feelingÖthat gnawing feelingÖthat I wasnít going to be able to let this go. As cocky as they were, they were awfully cute. Damn, that George and his hair alone sent shivers down my spine. As he performed his solo I couldnít help thinking how nice it would be to have those fingers caressing my body. And Paul continued to torment me, flirting as he sang. I was sure he had told George what I said when they both gave me a little head nod when the spotlight went on them. Oh and the big smiles and the wagging fingerÖ. Oh yeah, that reminds me, I better get a hold of the other agency and arrange to deliver these papers.

I ever so quietly slipped out the door. I had to find a phone. Their secretary didnít trust me to get the job done either. She had to remind me to get everything I needed. Ha! If only she knew what I needed right then.

As I started to return to the studio Paul was just coming out. "Oh, there you are gurl. I thought I might have scared you off."

"No, Mr. McCartney, you still have these papers to sign, I found a pen. He proceeded to stick his head back in the room and yell "Oi, George, come here."

Well that confused me, since we didnít need George to sign anything. As George entered the hall, Paul grabs my hand and pulls me down the hall. George guides me with his hands on my waist. They dart into this little room, not much bigger than a small restaurant toilet. It had a small table, two chairs and a counter. Paul motions to me to give him the papers and pen and he tosses them on the table and begins signing them. George shuts the door and locks it. This startles me and I shout, "Hey whatís going on?"

I start to tremble as George moves over to me and stands so close I am sure he can feel the hairs on my arms standing up. "Paul is taking care of business, then we are all going to get down to business. You said you wanted to play with the big boys."

From that moment on it, uh, gets a bit blurry.

George kissed me with soft, warm lips. I remember feeling weak in the knees. Instinctively, I reached my arms out to steady myself and found my hands on his hips. Of course this was the only encouragement he needed to continue. I felt his strong hands slide up my side, under my sweater to my breast finding my already hard nipple. At this moment I felt Paulís breath on the back of my neck and another set of hands on my hips. A small kiss on my neck in that exact spot that sends my juices flowing. I felt Georgeís tongue exploring my mouth and working his hands over my nipple.

Then, there it was, that feeling that made me so light-headed and weak I could barely stand it. As Paul whispered in my ear "Ok gurl, just how do you plan on taking us both?" I could feel both of them ready and hard on my front and back.

Was I in for more than I could handle? No, I could do this. But did I want to? Could I handle the aftermath of being their whore, their slag. I allowed my body not my mind or heart to do my bidding. My body wanted this badly. So I conjured up enough strength to moan, "George jump up on the counter."

Quickly trousers were undone. I realized my knickers were already down. Iím not really sure when that happened. In no time at all I could feel Paulís hardness penetrating my wetness as I slowly started on George. I wasnít sure I could take all of him but with his moaning and guidance I was surprised but I did. He was so gentle in pushing me at just the right angle and speed. To know those were his hands in my hair gave me just the encouragement I needed. As for Paul this position was quite nice because he was able to get deep penetration and still reach around front with his fingers to my magic spot.

I wonít bore you with all the details but didnít take long for any of us. I vaguely remember at the point of ecstasy, George moaning, "We are gonna lose it gurl." It made me giggle as waves of excitement ran through us all.

We pulled ourselves together surprisingly quickly and Paul said, "Well George, great supper break, letís get back to work." Then he turns to me, winking, and says, "Ta love," and out the door he flew.

George paused at the door saying, "You were a peach luv and you certainly can play with the big boys." He flashed me another of his award-winning smiles and he was gone.

I just stood there, couldnít believe I had allowed that to happen. I was their whore, their slag. I picked up my papers turned to leave and had to chuckle to myself because I had loved every minute of it.