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Panic not faithful Fan Fiction readers and writers! I know it still says April on the front of this site, but it has NOT been abandoned and it IS still being updated! Promise. Check the BFFD Community for updates about the site, and the New Stories and Updates pages for additions to the directory and the progress of your favourite stories.

Reality Leaves A Lot To The Imagination: The Official Beatles Fan Fiction Fan Listing! Now open!

Now with 332 Beatles Stories!

Welcome to The Beatles Fan Fiction Dirctory!

The Directory is constantly under construction with new stories added all the time, as well as new pages and new sections. Coming soon is the Nothing Is Real sister site, covering all Beatle gossip and goings on!

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR AOL USERS: Subscribers to the mailing list and people submitting stories/poetry via AOL email addresses: You may have noticed the mailing list is not getting through to any AOL addresses - this is due to AOL blocking the mailing list. I have contacted both the mailing list service and AOL, but in the meantime you may read the newsletter on the site, until I can resolve this matter. Also AOL is blocking some but not all emails directly from the BFFD, which means I cannot email notices to AOL users for when thier stories are listed, etc. I can only apologuise for this. Your stories are being listed as normal, but I can't send you notice as of right now. If you are an AOL user, and have an alternative email, please use this when corrosponding with the BFFD. You can also get free alternative email accounts from places like google, yahoo or hotmail.

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