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Our Songs

A Catologue of all of our songs to date

We started out as a cover band, but our asperations were too great to remain doings others' songs, so we started to write our own.
Shortly after his inception into the band, Greg Spitz, the youngest member, wrote the happy-go-lucky pop tune which Matt (who names most songs) fittingly titled "#1". Emmett wrote some lyrics which became scarce quickly due to a cleaning lady. It wasn't until recently that he was looking at a Dispatch album during the song and started to sing about the members. Members of the jam band Phish are also mentioned.
Jeff King is the only band member that writes on piano; the rest use guitar. That's why his songs are so distinct: the piano is the lead. He wrote "#2" while we were still in middle school and it's simplicity is what makes it good.
"Pinnochio" came out of a jam between Matt and Emmett. It's drumming was distinct, but there was not much depth besides that. We've used it to soundcheck, and we actually thought of making it a real song, but it shucked.
"See You Tomorrow" is from the same jam as "Pinnochio", but is much better. It starts slowly, but builds to a crachendo with Jeff's haunting piano and GS2's subtle guitar work. After a brief piano solo, we return to the song, but now with Emmett singing Matt's apocolyptic yet positive lyrics. A big mess of music ensues, and out of the darkness comes....
"Channel 12", written by Greg, Greg, and Jeff in the barn while Matt and Emmett were away. The fast-paced jam produces an excellent guitar solo from Greg Spitz and is very fun to play. The piano at the end gives the song a softer side to the rock edge it had displayed in it's ferocious 2 1/2 minutes. It may have been Matt who suggested putting "S.Y.T." and "12" together (he likes it when songs are melded), or it may have happened by accident in a jam.
A few days before the infamous Alex Smith party, we decided we didn't have enough original material, so all of us except Greg Spitz lock ourselves away in Emmett's house, writing lyrics and music. Emmett and Jeff went into a darkened room (they then became "The Mole People" and worked on "Purple", a piano-based song that we stopped doing when we realized we would never finish it. Jeff still wants to do it.
The other song to come out of this lockup session was written by the other two, Matt and Greg Smith. Matt came up with the lyrics and sang it to Greg, who immediatly figured out the guitar. It was called "Happiness". We've also dropped this one from our repetroire because it was the same thing over and over.
We took a few weeks off after the party disaster, but then got back together and took a trip to the Guitar Center in Boston, where Greg Smith showed us a song he was working on in drop D. It's a powerful and mysterious song based on a fierce opening riff. It was named "Mrs. Smith's Empire" after a miscommunication between Jeff and Matt.
After taking a little while off from writing, Greg Spitz returned to his true pop form with "Italy", a song layered with different riffs written mostly by Greg S., p. and lyrics written by Matt. With a climactic prechorus that peaks at the chorus, this song is perfect for the radio.
"Adequate" was a song that Emmett brought in after his trip to Italy. We kept trying it and Greg Spitz put in a little bit, but it still wasn't perfect. We did a couple of 15 minute versions of it without getting it right, so we left it for a little bit. Later we came back and fixed it up, giving it a funky part and making it how it sounds to this day.
"Swan song" was a song that started when Greg Smith came up with some music. It was fantastic with the whole band playing, but it needed lyrics. So in a later week we put lyrics to it that Matt had come up with earlier. With Greg Spitz singing, it's become one of the band's best songs.
Emmett came up with a folk song ("#12") that Greg Spitz and him tried to do at one rehearsal, but it didn't really work, so it was dropped. Maybe one day it will be brought back.
"I Die" is a song that Greg Spitz came up with once late at night in his bedroom. He wrote the music first and then put lyrics to it. It has been played with Matt on drums but never with the whole band, although it was played with just Greg at the 4th of July party.
"Homesick" is a solo project that Jeff came up with on the piano. The only time anyone has heard in full was at the party on the 4th. It really rocks though, and he continues to add to it as well as write new ones.
"Drift" was an acoustic song that Emmett brought to the band, where it was made into a masterpiece. The first part is what Emmett originally came up with. The second part has a psychadelic feel created by Jeff and harmonies between Greg Spitz and Emmett. It also features a Greg Spitz solo and Emmett's lyrics.
One night Matt was over Emmett's house and they decided they needed more songs, so they put together Matt's music and Emmett's lyrics and came out with what is now being called "#16". It isn't finished yet, but it's sure to be a good one.
Greg Smith hardly ever writes with another member of the band. The only time he did was on "Happiness" with Matt. "Wisconsin" is no different. Greg uses a capo on the second fret and came up some odd chords that managed to fit together. After he wrote all the sections, he showed it to Matt, who arranged it. Emmett and Greg Spitz then improvised some lyrics to it. It is also still in the works.
"#18" was a collaboration between Jeff and Greg Spitz, who worked on it in the barn with Matt while Emmett was away. It begins with a soft piano then builds up into a high-energy chorus. Again, it's not done yet.
Songs We've Covered:
  • Dispatch's "The General," "Here We Go," "Cover This" and "Two Coins"
  • Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
  • Pachabel's Canon
  • Sugar Ray's "Falls Apart"
  • Pink Floyd's "Another Brick on the Wall Pt. 2" and "Wish You Were Here"
  • Cake's "I Will Survive"
  • Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Hevean"
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama"
  • The Steve Miller Band's "The Joker"
  • The Super Mario Song
  • Oasis' "Wonderwall"
  • Bush's "Glycerine"
  • Reel Big Fish's "Beer"
  • The Star Spangled Banner
  • Pearl Jam's "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town"
  • Phish's "Waste," "Character Zero," "Wading in the Velvet Sea" and "Cavern"
  • Goldfinger's "Mabel"
  • Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger"
  • "Carol of the Bells"