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Jeff King- Keyboards, Vocals

The keyboardist for our band. Jeff is the "serious one" of the group who can write some kick-ass songs

Jeff uses:

Yamaha Keyboard, Korg Synth, Kaysound Controller Keyboard, Roland Amps

Emmett Knox- Bass, Lead Vocals

The "intellectual one" who bazzles us with his intelligence along with his stunning vocals and bass riffs.

Emmett uses:

Carvin Bass, Fender Amps

Greg Smith- Guitars

The "shy one".

Greg uses:

Fender Tex-Mex Strat, Fender Acoustic-Electric, Fender Amps

Greg Spitz- Guitars, Vocals

The "insane one" and he is two years younger than all the other members. He plays guitar and vocals, writes awesome songs, and is really quiet. But when he gets mad at Granmastaspitzay, his brother, it's very funny to watch.

Greg uses:

Fender Telecaster, Yamaha Acoustic-Electric, Crate Amps, DigiTech Guitar Effects Processor

Matt Spitz- Drums

The "funny one". I mean, what can I say, he's the best drummer there is, who amazes people with his deep, but thoughtful lyrics

Matt uses:

DW Drums, Zildjian and Sabian Cymbals The Band