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..Thanks To..


First and foremost I would like to thank God for blessing me with the ability to type, write, and think. Secondly, I would like to thank my mother and my step father for being there for me, I love you guys. Next I want to give a shout out to my friends at Flint Central High School (Go Indians Class of 2001!) In Michigan (We did it y'all, we graduated).

To all them haters out there who said I wouldn't meet IMx or B2K..well haha..I proved y'all wrong..oh yeah and haters..I thank you for negativity because that just made me stronger to fulfill my dream and I'm going to leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the man, Romeo..."Yo y'all can say whatever y'all want about me, not buy my album, hate, try 2 hurt my click and me, it doesn't matter y'all made me, so there 4 I'm able to take the heat. So just shut the Fu*k up and "Clap Y'all Hands" I'm Out. Holla...," to all the haters..thank you..

Hey to all my Internet friends or should I say IMx and B2K buddies. Hey Y'all!! I wanna also give a special thanks to Krissy/Kris for being a great twin sister. Also, I wanna say hey to Drea, Brandie, Ajanei (Hey Sista or should I say Mrs. Jarell Houston, lol, naw but forreal sis girl u know u one of my best friends and also I know u gonna make it big out there in the world...U r the sweetest person and U make me laugh all the time..I hope we stay sis (friends) forever...),

Vickie (Vickie, girl we are going to hit em hard,lol),

Stacie (Stacie u know u my girl always, We always gonna be tight),

Kellie (Kellie girl u silly and we tight fa life),

Tasha (Hey Lil Sis, u r the coolest little sister ever..u make me smile, laugh and cry. U are one of my bestfriends and I will always be there for you no matter what..I love you..),

Shanise (Hey girl...Man what can I are so silly and too funny. Infinite is going to be big. No doubt...You know imma support you. And yes you do dance harder than Mario (Raz B)..LOL..Keep ya head up shay shay..One luv!),

Rika (whatup homie..LANDYYYY'SSSS 4 LIFE, LMAO..stay sweet Rika),

Kandee (Hey Twin..Man me and u will always be coo, no matter what u my dawg and will always be, fa sho..),

Asia (OmarisOnlyGirl....aww girl u my homie and u keep doin ya thang on Blackplanet cuz u know u got mad skills..stay sweet),

Jeter (Ugh u Mike Tyson look alike..lmao just playin, u mad coo and u my dawg, love ya like a play consin the same never change),

Crystal (OMG how r u gonna marry my just kidding, but anyway u my girl fa show I hope we stay coo and good friends..),

Jonette (U r a sweetie and real coo @ that..Stay the same),

Pavi (Hiya lil sis...Now u know Kalani is going to hot fa sho..I will always support u in no matter what u do..So keep doin ya thang..Love ya.),

Bamm (Hey other Mrs. Jarell Houston..Your so silly but mad coo, stay the same.)


Michelle (Hey Shell, Girl L.A Can't Handle Us, Man Shell u r so silly...But thats what I like about ya..I hope u never change..And also thanks for all the advice and talks....U are going to ful fill ya goal and become that actor that u want to be..No ya Sis)...

Y'all all know y'all my girls. Love Ya Like Sisters..

This thank you goes out to IMx formally know as Immature..Oh my goodness what can I say to y'all, I don't know where 2 start..well first off let me say this..IMx-Marques, Jerome and Kelton..I love you guys from the bottom of my heart. I have been a dedicated fan for over 8 years..almost 9 years..and you three have brought me happiness through out my life that I have known you. I'll never forget my very first Detroit, March 30th, 1996..I had a good ole time although my seats were crappy, but hey I strained the heck out of my legs standing on those chairs at the Fox Theatre just to see y' it was all worth it..oh yeah and I'll never forget all them other concerts I all I wanted to say was I love you IMx for being the best group out there and staying strong thru all your ups and downs and never letting down your fans..U guys are the best and I will always support you in any and everything you do..Love Ya..

I really must give thanks to the 4 people who are responsible for this page and they go by the names of Omari, Jarell, De'Mario and Druex better known as B2K. They are the reason I came up with this website and I just want to say Thank You B2K for coming out as a new group and blowing up the way u did. Y'all got real true talent and B2K will always be BLAZIN.......

Thank You........