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..De'mario "Raz B" Thornton..

Raz B

Full Name: De'mario Monte Thornton

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Birthday: June 13, 1985

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Siblings: Storm (sister), Ricky (brother)

Artists Nickname: Raz-B

Nickname: "He got his name because of his raspy voice."

Favorite Food: All fast food and Jambalaya

Favorite subject: "Science—He like's to mess with stuff."

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Hobby: Basketball and Singing

Favorite Actor: Halle Berry

Favorite Movie: Cruel Intentions

Favorite Sports: Basketball

Favorite Team(s): Lakers

Favorite Clothing Designer: all

His favorite band: IMX

His favorite top 5 CDs are: J.Lo, B2K, Bone thugs-n-harmony, Donell Jones, and Mystikal

What he does for fun on his off time: Playstation 2, Shopping and Sleep

These artists inspired him: IMX and Michael Jackson

His favorite hobbies are: Collecting Bone thugs-n-harmony CDs

This artist has made a difference to him and he would like to work with him musically: Michael Jackson

A personal, interesting story: He was roller skating in front of girls and fell twice.

The B2K sound: (according to Raz B) "They’re a pretty edgy group; they’re pretty hip-hop. He want's they're music to be memorable, so that years later a song will come on and people will know exactly what they were doing when they listened to it. They want to be legends."

Style vibe: "sandals, shorts—that whole summertime vibe."

Free time fun: "He like's to eat, play basketball, and wrestle."

A girl’s gotta: "Be his friend, not so much his girlfriend; understanding, smart—and someone with goals."

If he were an animal: "He’d be a cheetah—cheetahs are fast!"

What the world needs now: "Love. Everybody’s out for themselves. People got to share some love and listen to each other more."

De'mario Monte Thornton