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..Soul Train Interview..


Soul Train: What does B2K mean or stand for?

J-Boog: B2K stands for Boys of the New Millennium.

ST: Some of your influences are Boyz II Men, Michael Jackson, Kris Kross. How does that come out in your music?

Omarion: Our attitude, our attitude. Most of the artists that we name have a lot of attitude and lot of character behind them. I mean, I feel that the four boys right here that I do have is just all over attitude, character, facial expressions, just everything.

ST: You were discovered by Chris Stokes. How did you hook up with him?

Lil Fizz: Well, actually, J-Boog, Raz-B and I were in a group when we were 12, and past managers, they hooked us up with Chris Stokes, and he was like, 'Man, you should get another member.' So he was telling us about Omarion, and at the time, Omarion and Raz-B were going to school together, and he was like, 'Hey, that's that guy I know from school.' So we auditioned him, loved him, and ever since then we're like brothers.

ST: Now you write your own material --

Raz-B: Well, we wrote two songs on our album. One name is "B2K Is Hot" and "First Day of School." We like to be pretty much involved with all our stuff, as far as what we wear to just everything, so that's why we wanted to take time and write some songs on our album, and they made it. So that's why we're really happy.

ST: Now, do you all write together or --

Raz-B: Yeah, we all write together.

Omarion: One more thing in addition to that. It's a blessing for a new group to come to any level and to get to write on their album, so like we're real thankful because of that.

ST: Right. Now, what's your first single, and when does it drop?

J-Boog: Actually, we gonna keep that a secret -- you know what I'm sayin' -- for the ladies out there for when that drop, but expect the video in about a month. It's gonna be hot. Chris Stokes is gonna -- it's a little teasing, but we gonna keep the actual one a secret, and our manager, Chris Stokes, is directing the video.

ST: And your debut album is out this summer, right?

All: Yeah.

ST: Can you say anything about that?

J-Boog: All I can say about that is, go get it! [Laughs] No, I'm just playin'. All I can say about that is it's fun music, it's got a lot of youth in it, you know? It's young, and we just wanna let everybody know when you go get that CD, when you play it, be ready to bounce, be ready to dance, be ready to be happy, full of joy. Be ready to go hang out with your friends, be ready to go to a party, you know? Just live your life to the fullest and have fun and enjoy yourself.

ST: You're on tour with Lil Bow Wow right now, right?

All: Yeah.

ST: What has that experience been like?

Raz-B: Touring is like the dopest 'cause like, we perform every night, and we all love to perform and do what God blessed us with, the talent He blessed us with, so we just love to be on stage every night -- whether it's us getting paid or whether it's just us doing it. We just love to perform.

ST: When does this tour wrap up?

Raz-B: This tour wraps up June 10 in New York.

ST: And beyond that, do you have plans to tour?

Raz-B: Yeah. We're doing another tour in August with IMx and Blaque -- it's in discussions, negotiations, whatever. But definitely IMx and us.

ST: OK. And how about a shout-out to

Lil Fizz: Wassup? This is Lil Fizz.

Omarion: Yo, whaddup? I'm Omarion.

J-Boog: This is J-Boog.

Raz-B: Yo, yo! This is Raz-B!

All: And we're B2K.

J-Boog: And this is Soul Train --

All: Dot com!

Peace, Love And Soul....