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..Druex "Lil Fizz" Fredericks..

Lil Fizz

Full Name: Druex Pierre Fredericks

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Birthday: November 26, 1985

Zodiac Sign: Sagitarius

Siblings: Brooke, Chez

Artists Nickname(s): Lil Fizz, Fizzle

Nickname: "He's the rapper of the group, and Lil Fizz means His rhymes bubble."

Favorite Food: Mexican Food, Gumbo, Flamin Hot Cheetoes

Favorite Color: Royal Blue

Favorite Hobby: Playing Basketball, Playstation 2

Favorite subject: "Global history—He like's to know what’s going on."

Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington, Nia Long

Favorite Movie: Boyz in the Hood

Favorite Sports: Football and Basketball

Favorite Team(s): Lakers, Dodgers, Cowboys

Favorite Clothing Designer: Avirex, Beefy White T s, Phat Farm, Roca wear

His favorite bands: IMX, Jigga, Snoop Dogg

His favorite top 5 CDs are: Jigga, Snoop Dogg, J.Lo, R Kelly, B2K

What he does for fun in my off time: Go shopping, Watch TV, Read

These artists inspire him: IMX, Kriss Kross, Michael Jackson

His favorite hobbies are:: Freestyling, Rapping, Watching TV

This artist has made a difference to him and he would like to work with him musically: Michael Jackson

A personal, interesting story: One time he fell down on stage.

The B2K sound: "When people hear their music, (according to Lil Fizz) they’re going to get excited, they’re going to bounce!"

Style vibe: "Boy-next-door."

Free time fun: "He like's Play Station 2, wrestling, basketball and shopping."

A girl’s gotta: "Have a lot of energy, beautiful eyes and a great smile."

If he were an animal: "He’d be a chameleon, so he could get in with everyone."

What the world needs now: "Respect. People don’t have enough respect for other people and for life itself."

Druex Pierre Fredericks