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The Story

The story of Apothecary is an interesting one. Lets start with the name Apothecary "what the hell is an Apothecary?" people ask. Well the answer is simple the name came around one day when guitarist Joe Dolahan was sitting around in English class really bored not really paying attention and the class was reading "Romeo and Juliet" the Apothecary was the man who made the poison that placed Juliet into a deep sleep that made her appear to be dead. Joe's first thought of that was "Dude that would be an awesome band name!" So later on Joe turned to drummer Mike Wells and said "We should start a band called Apothecary" something that was always talked about between Mike and Joe but never really happened. Until sometime around the summer of 2002 when Joe brought in another guitarist Chris Mangin to play with him and Mike. About a day later recruited a bass player a good friend of Joe's named Stephen Rapsas. They jammed about everyday for a while when the reality that they needed a singer sank in. Karin Santiago offered to lend her voice for the band if that would work. So she joined the band and everything was just about set. But unfortinatly tensions in the band began to build a little and Stephen left the band. The band tried to go on without a bassist for a while and would be replaced at a later date. The band did not practice for a while which later led to the departure of Chris Mangin.
So at most people would think the band was done. Not the case. Karin, Joe, and Mike still wanted to press on so they did. Not having full band rehersals for a while but Mike and Joe would write music for the band and Karin would write lyrics the first song Karin completed was "Wasted Days" before this the only song Apothecary had written was a song called "Fate" a mello ballad. Other songs so far completed by Apothecary have been "One Way Ticket(To Suicide)" a rather heavy song against alcoholism, and "Our Soldiers" a rock tribute to all of the American soldiers currently in battle.
As of recently Apothecary recruited a bassist Cris Guevara and is preparing to do shows. Where will Apothecary go this story has only just begun.