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Drummer, Mike Wells' Profile.

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Position in Apothecary: Drummer
Set- tama swingstar, Color-blue-See picture above.
Heads Evans Hydrolic Blue

Full name
Michael Patrick ------- Wells
Year Sophmore
Birth date: 6/29/87
Hair: Brown
Eyes: blue green grey.?
Philosophy: Whatever man.
Quotes: "Drummers are wierd people"-Ozzy Osbourne
Hobbies: Drawing , hanging out, taking naps primarily, and then bike riding, or running...really slow.
Favorite Song- Smashing Pumpkins Mayonaise,
Metallica- S&M; For Whom The Bell Tolls,
Pearl Jam- Alive I'm wierd :)
Major Influences.

CB percussion 1412 inch power tom13 inch power tomzildjan 18 inch crashRoto Toms


13 inch snare22 inch bass16 inch floor tomdouble bass pedal

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