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This page is dedicated to the mind of mike.Some lyrics and just expiramental ideas will be found here.

I'm not going to preach for you. Actually this was just a small essay I wrote that I couldn't fit in my profile. Its a short summary of my philisophical beliefs on life.

I don't know if there is a heaven or hell. I don't know if there are God and Satan. But I'll let you in on how I live. I think thatwe're all energy. Masses of energy which for some reason get to expierience interaction which others. Society is based on the thoughts of Morality and order, because we are given choice. Not that its wrong. In my mind everything is erelivent, and you should choose to live how ever you want, but just enjoy it now. You've got , what, 50 years left? And then you just won't exist. Maybe you'll go to heaven, and see all your friends, and that cat you had when you were 8 years old. But you know maybe not. I think there probably is some sort of greater being up there, that created us. All I'm saying is that life as you know it, IS all in your head. And you make it what you want. You can do anything. Enjoy it now. So If you want to do drugs, If that's how your randomly formed anotomy "feels" stimulous, I say go for it. If you're insicure, or Its been drilled in your head about God jesus and the Bible, believe it. But I'm a sceptic. You caN't explain anything In a universe, where the only constant is the fluxuation of change. And so I leave you with this. I can't prove myself right.But I'm more right than you can ever show me wrong. Because I trust my mind.

My position on the educational system
I hate school, I'd seriously rather die than Apply myself another day,for the sole purpose of proving a point to a teacher or another idiot student. I don't think its right that we work so dilligently at dumb tasks and lectured about getting used to the real world. I hate how detentions are our motivation too. Why want try positive reinforcement every once in a while? So if you want to, then by all means study hard, go to college and become something. As for me, I say fuck that I'd rather take a nap.

Here's a song I wrote, actually I was angry at the time and I put all of my thoughts on paper. This might not even be an apothecary song.But I like it enjoy. This song's called Prevailance...

It has been desided on 2-14-03 that this song will infact not be an Apothecary Song. Prevelance is a single Covered by Apothecary's Cris and Mike, along with Dan Pavlosky.It will most likely be the only song the three of us record together.But It'll be some good shit.

Why can't I answer my question.
I have this burden of an obsession.
On my shoulders....
Will somebody please come over to me
and shine, a little confession.

O please can't anybody tell me
where I went wrong.

They told me to be stong.
I gotta be prevalent.
And I just really need.
A reason from you
as I pleed.

Take me away from this
lend me your hand
my so called friend
until the end.

and soon we'll be so faAAAAAAArr away
so until then
won't you stay with me
so please come back here until the end
my friend
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhh
solo solo
I need the answers
I need to know why
I need to know how
I need you to help me right now.

and thank you
I trusted you and you never let me down
and thanks,'ve never let me fall down
My friend we've met our end.
I thought I needed you.
but all along I had the answers within.
You're the one who let me set my sight beneith the skin.
and even though you're gone
somehow I still feel how you made me change.
But I thought you were the answer
I don't care about the answers but thanks just the same.

But now, we are, you and I
we're all alone together
I don't know what's going on
and I'm right back at the start.
-Pause of Silensce-

I can't even explain anything anymore
theres no reason for what you're doing
I can't take it anymore
Why can't I figure out this puzzle
Don't tell me to go calm down.
How can you think I could GET IT NOW!!?

You're not making sense
at my expense
I don't like what going OOOONNNNN
I'm doing all this for you
and the least you could do
is be a friend and help my prevelance.

We live to get as good as we can be
experiment with reality
Set down by earthly limitation
But your not any less real in my mind by no stretch of the imagination.

I need your prevalance
I need my common sense
I need you to help me out.
my friend

Mind over matter is the key
will you please look at me
as I look into your soul through your eyes.
I finally see why I was hypoti-e-i-e-i-e-i-e-ized

The answers are all clear
you sent them all back to me
the destination has come
by a rode in my dreams that i'd never seen.

I know the answers
I know why
I was blind and now can see
I got what I asked from you my friend
but the journey wasn't what I thought it'd be.
(final note on "be" ends the song.)