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This is how I felt about the music of Abyss when it was together and how I still feel about it.
These songs don't exist anymore, and I wish I could still hear them.
Anyway, I'll leave this all here to remind me.
The music ment alot to me, and obviously I think I was the only one...

Ok, let me tell you about the music. The music of Abyss comes from a dark and somewhat confused place, but at least it's pure. Dealing with the pressures of everyday life is a struggle for alot of people, and some don't make it. Abyss, to me, is that everyday struggle, that deep insecurity. Our music is about the things that keep us awake at night, whether it's the way the world you know is looking at you, the way your looking back, your asshole of a father,your father who you've never met, your parents who are struggling to put bread on the table, the girl you'd give up everything to be with, your constant feeling of uselessness and the forced somewhat spoonfed emotion that everyone faces sometime in their lives that tells them they are alone in the dark. Music has become the outlet. Words and melodies thrown together with the intention of showing you want you wish you could leave behind. For me, Abyss is almost about healing as much as it is venting. This is my life, maybe only because I'm young and don't have one yet, but if I can take this somewhere and it can take me away from all of this, then I want it to. And I promise I'll bring you all with me if you want.

Faces In The Dark
Looking back on the last six months, it occures to me that we have worked really hard writing music. I didn't realize what we were starting when Tony and I picked up an acoustic guitar and wrote the song "Breathe". Six months and six songs later and that is still the benchmark of our songs. But we've evolved alot, for a band that has never left the basement yet, we get alot of support from the people closest to us who have heard the music. They are there for us and we appreciate it and love you all. We write very slowly and maybe that's why every song has turned out to be completely different from the last. I am so proud of the fact that every song has it's own uniqueness to it, nothing sounds like a copy of the last song.

Breathe is very melodic and very dark. It's melodies the more I listen to it are crunching and moving. That riff is what our whole band came from, just one riff. The bass line came out of nowhere, and is still my favorite one. The song is not the same without it. The lyrics are the most non-metaphoric and flat out direct that I've ever written. I wrote those lyrics well over a year ago, it was kinda like my cry for help at the time.

Reasons was a song giving some of the many reasons I wanted to turn to suicide. Alot of insecurities, summed up in the first line "I am my biggest fear". The chorus throws it back in anyone's face who can't relate or comprehend feelings like that. The riffs both, guitar and bass, are soothing yet violent at the same time. This is the song that works our asses when we play it, with a great haunting bridge to slow it down. I love playing this song.

An Oblivious Shade Of Grey is definetly the backbone of this first album we are putting together. This song encompasses everything we are about, which basically is that in the end, everyone is equal. I love this song, every second of it. This is Abyss.

Nameless is the song I hold the most emotional attachment to. I don't want to talk about why. This song also in my opinion has the best music and arrangement of any song we've done. I love it and it's hard for me to play. Singing about what I sing about in this song is something that is hard for me to express, but I had to. Jay also holds a strong feeling towards this song, we both can relate to it with alot of mixed emotions. This song is something, for me, that has been a whole life's worth of bad thoughts in the making.

Fallen Echoes was the most soothing riff I have ever heard. This is the slowest and most sleepy song to date, and I could fall asleep to it. I love that about it, it's just so warm and comfortable. This riff fit me perfectly. I wrote the lyrics a long time ago, so long that I can't remember what they were about in the first place. Now they have adopted new meaning, but really lyrically this song is "Breathe part 2", the calmed down, relaxed version of an amped up big brother. The bass and guitar mix and melt together as almost one sound. We need to record this so I can go to sleep at night easier. This was the second song we wrote, and it means alot to me.

Fade Away is our acoustic ballad I guess you could say. The song was written by both Tony and I. It was also written in two seperate parts, with the second half not getting written until months later. The first half is about school life, getting picked on and not understanding why, and the second half is about these two girls who we each fell hard for. This song is deep, to us at least, especially with this summer's events which I'm not going into. I could write a book on this summer if I wanted to. Anyway, even though we never got the girls, I still love and appreciate both of them bunches and they are two of the most special and warm people I've ever met. As my friends, I hope I never lose them, and this song is about them.