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September 8, 2002 w/ MATT

hello this is matt, im the guitarist and partly singer for this amazing band that we are going to be. here is a littel explaination of what we are here for. for one thing, we dont like you, we do this to express our selves. we only dont like you if u think we suck, so basicly we have a good message in our music, well most of it perhaps. and its f*ck you. so far, we have 2 songs written, and 1 other song planned out. We have one, with out a name, which was our first song. its bad ass, its just one of those songs u would listen to when ure feeling like sh*t, and u want to feel like more sh*t. Proxima Centuari is about Julie and Katie. its a long story, well not really i just dont feel like explaining it, cuz u dont need to know. im eating salad. for once, with out having it forced down my throat like a ingestive pill, that dissolves at your intestines, like battery acid on rusted nail. look at that. im a genius. well, look for us some where, and if any one wants to be our f*cken drummer, then get ure ass over to our practice, cuz we need you. good bye, and f*ck you people who dont like us.