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March 10, 2002

This here is not Branden, this is the beech bassist thats gonna tell ya who and what we are. We are not a hate band, so if you want one grow up and discover what life is. We do have a couple of problems and they are simplt this:

1) we need a good reliable drummer.
2) Branden needs moral support because he is a great singer and he just is all screwed up.
3) Ed you have big tits and I think you are gay.
4) Me and Tony are a great combo together but somtimes have trouble writing.
5) We are still not a hate band so go find somthing useful to do like find out how to make bombs on the internet if you are that imature.
6)anyone who wants to hear us practice say somthing to one of us. We want to
know weather we suck or not. Personally I think we are sweet. and oh yeah theres a couple more.
7) We need to get in the studio for more experiance.
8) and the finale, ED YOU ARE GAY, I AM SURE OF IT!

See you all later
Love to the band and offcourse the girlfriend,