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January 7, 2002

Ed quit the band. I really don't care. I hate his attitude towards this project. Everything's about how "we can't be this good" or "we can't do this or that", it's always about how we're going to fail. I can be cloaked in failure in everything else in life but not this band. I truly believe that if I don't go somewhere with this band then my lifes always gonna suck. That might sound stupid but it's the way I think. I can't help it.

I'm happy he quit and we didn't have to kick him out. He left AOSOG, an AOSOG didn't leave him, we means we get to keep the name with no arguing. I'm so attached to this name, and I think I'm the only one. No one else really cares, but the name so far is everything to me. It has a meaning to me deeper than anyone cares to see. We are all the same, just shades of gray in one big oil painting. All the people who think they are god's gift ain't shit. Neither am I.