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February 18, 2002

Had a really decent practice today. Just Tony, me, and Jay on bass. Like I said we kinda can't write with Kyle right now. We called him today and asked him if we could practice, he said no, and when we asked him why he simply replyed like he does to just about anything: "I don't know". Whatever.

Anyway, we just had a good time today and that's pretty fuckin' cool for once. I think Jay'll stick with us. He's a good bassist. He really wants to meet Ed. When that happens, it's gonna be pretty fuckin' funny. Ed doesn't seem to wanna get along with anybody, so this should be interesting.

Tony's stepdad knows some guy with a recording studio in his basement. I hope we get to use that soon. Hopefully, Tony or his stepdad will get ahold of him soon and tell him about AOSOG.

Don't really have a lot to say today. Until next time...