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February 11, 2002

Went to a MushroomHead show last night at the Highland Theater. It was awesome. Still, all of the six bands, except RESIST, f*cking sucked. Death Metal doesn't get anymore original than Slipknot, Mushroomhead, and Mudvayne. I mean these bands all sound exactly the same, it was horrible. No lyrics, just all screaming constantly. Everybody thinks thats so cool and hardcore but once you actually listen to it, six bands in a row, you realize that it's truly going nowhere. I mean these bands f*cking sucked yet they get exceptance only from the people in the moshpit.

Resist was f*cking good though. They just had something the other bands didn't. They were just as loud but more melodic and better and the crowd loved them for it.

I have a serious problem with "bullsh*t metal" as I call it. All these bands up on stage screaming about how much their life sucks and all this horrible sh*t, yet they don't mean a f*cking word they say, and it shows. I hate that. Show some real f*cking emotions for f*ck sakes. Later...