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December 24-Christmas Eve

Today feels weird. It doesn't feel like Christmas Eve. Even with sudden snow fall, nothing feels like it should. What's with this. There's a dark cloud for all of us, but it doesn't linger over you forever. Or does it. I'm not so sure. Nothing is what it used to be. I can remember growing up always hoping that life would be like it was at an earlier point in my life. And now I wish the same. Things just get worst. Life gets a little more meaningless every year. Christmas becomes less looked forward to than the year before. I guess this is growing up. I just didn't expect it to be such a downward spiral, but knowing my luck I should've.

I broke William (I don't feel like calling him ED)'s bass over the weekend. The dumb f*cker left it laying in the middle of the floor, so what the f*ck did he think was gonna happen. If you didn't notice I like to say F*CK a lot. I must be a F*CKER(joke,joke-ha,ha-why the f*ck aren't you laughing). Oh well, just trying to spread some joy on Christmas Eve.

I listened to LaTeRaLuS by Tool a lot over the weekend. Jesus Christ they are an amazing band. William(I still don't feel like calling the f*cker ED) and I really want to show our Tool influence, and I mean that in that we would really like to do lighter and longer songs than some other heavy metal bands are churning out to radio at the moment. The mainstream is such sh*t. I mean I love bands like P.O.D and Creed, but I don't want to be excepted by such an uncreative fanbase, similar to the one you see on shows like Total Request Live and such. I hate that show. I swear to god it's gonna ruin music forever. If people truly buy into the myths that pop culture and acts that are truly important are the one's the fans vote for on TRL, then MTV, VH1 and radio are going to be ruled by pop sh*t for quite some time. It's taking much longer for these kids to grow up than I thought. The mainstream youth of America is a preppy vampire that is going to suck the life out of me. I go to school and I'm stuck in this big, churning bowl of tastelessness and immaturity, just waiting for the weekend so they can get high and f*ck, forgetting that there's other things out there. I hate this big swelling mass of pop culture bile, 'cause that's all it is.

On a closing note, I watched again this weekend, a movie called "Almost Famous" from director Cameron Crowe. It's a beautiful depiction of rock n' roll in the '70's and of Music period. I suggest you all see it. Bye...