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December 18, 2001

You wouldn't think that finding the right guitarist would be the hardest f*cking thing in the world, but I'm not so sure. We've been through so many, I'm beginning to lose count. Ok, so it's only been 3, but still it shouldn't be this hard for christ sake. Nobody fits in with this f*cking band I swear to god. Recording the demo=hassel, hassel, bullsh*t and hassel. Everytime, everytime is a perfect time to record the d*mn demo, but it never happens. Bullsh*t. Bullsh*t. Bullsh*t. You know I might take this band a little seriously, maybe to the point of ridiculousness, but you must understand, at my stuborn and moronic age, there's nothing I want more than this band to be successful in one form or another. F*ck real life. OK, I take that back, but not all of it. I mean maybe I'm a little bit confused in this early point in my life, but I can't see it getting better unless I'm doing something I truly enjoy after high school. I don't really enjoy anything anymore. I enjoy this when it comes together, but this band hasn't truly "come together" since our third practice. First time was terrible. Second time was worst. Third time was a collective state of... whatever it was it instilled a lot of confidence in this band and I think that's what were missing. And for personal "bullsh*t" reasons we haven't been able to practice in a good month or so. So to keep this project alive and well, we worked on something that might pick us back up- a website. And it has to some extent. I'm proud of the little work we've done on it considering I designed all the graphics and such. This page is mainly to give the site a little more depth but it's also going to become the outlet for the band to speak their minds. I don't know who the h*ll's gonna read it and I don't care.