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April 28, 2002

I feel one step closer to escaping a normal existence. We recorded an acoustic version of "Breathe" today on Eric's computer. Sounded good, and helped me a little with my self-esteem problem. Jay has it backwards. I don't think we suck, I think I do. Anyway, hearing sound the way it did helped me out a lot tonight. I didn't go home with some empty feeling after band practice like I do a lot of times.

I wanted to put it on the website, but we couldn't get it to work. We'll keep trying and hopefully joining it will be the new full length version of "Fade Away" now that we tweaked it.

Jay has been extremely disconnected from us lately. Why is something we don't know. He needs to perk up. Listen you amish bastard:
1. The only 2 things I need in this world are a band and a girlfriend. You have both so your already above me.
2. You have a car and a job. Wow, look at that your way above me now.
3. Quit feeling so goddamn sorry for yourself. We, as people, need to quit looking at our situations as if we're so troubled, you can be unhappy, depressed, and hate yourself all you want, but do it on your time, not while your around the one's who envy what you have. There is always somebody out there who has it worst, be it a little or a lot, remember that.

By the way, Jason X is a disgrace to the Friday the 13th series and to horror movies everywhere. It was so horrible, that I actually would have rather sat in a dentist chair than sat through. Sean S. Cunningham should be shot and killed. New Line Cinema should be embarrassed for releasing such a piece of sh*t.