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April 16, 2002

This song "Reasons" is really giving me a hard on. It just feels really good for once to be able to write a really decent song in a short period of time. This song flows so easily throughout it's time length. It kicks ass. It does now anyway. Who know's we might hate it in a little while, but it's not likely. We've been playing "Breath" for months, and it's never gotten old. I keep making little changes vocally to it and it just seems to get better each day we play it. But after the first time we've played it on anyday, it does kinda seem to deteriorate a little. That's why bands only play the songs once a night in concert, because it would suck the second time and the crowd wouldn't be feelin' it.

The school talent show is this Friday. We're not playing in it, hell no, but we'll probably go anyway. I'm not confident enough in myself to perform in front of people yet. I get nervous just playing for like certain friends who have heard us. They all have said they liked it but I don't believe them. What the hell is wrong with me? We also don't like the idea of the show being at night because only a bunch of preppy people show up while all the real people, like us, spend most of their time staying as far away from that place as possible. I hate school, and the people I have to go to it with.

Oh yeah, f*ck Andrew W.K. f*ck him right up his stupid ass. Later...