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April 13, 2002

Hi there. It's feels weird if I don't post something every now and then, like nothing's happening that's important. Well that's how it is. What's there to say, I don't know. I'm bored. This music is moving in a boring direction. I can't seem to stir it up. Every song has the same simplistic formula-Verse,Chorus,Verse,Chorus,Bridge,Chorus-and then it's over. No originality. I want us to write a ten minute epic song or something really f*cked up, but everytime I bring it up, they're just not into it. We have so many interlude's, undeveloped songs. We need to have some balls and throw them together and make them work, but no one else wants to. F*cking stupid. I'm sick of boring, simplistic music that follows the rules. I want a band a that's not afraid to stray from the norm. I don't give a sh*t want other bands are doing. Other bands don't exist when I play music with these guys.The only musician who knows what I'm talking about is Ed. Ed knows what music needs to be, but he can be a controlling asshole sometimes. Still, hearing Ed play and throw things together that normally bands don't do and making them work is what I want. My band is lazy. When we try too hard, we f*ck it up. We need to let go. I'm bored.

Oh yeah, Tony and Jay keep calling us a "Metal" band. If this is a metal band, then it's the pussiest ass metal music I've ever heard. We are not a f*cking metal band. Nu-metal barely.

Oh yeah, F*ck SUM 41 and New Found Glory up their stupid asses. Later...