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Ryan Richards (Lead vocalist/guitarist) Yeah this is me Ryan, the front man for SC so let's get down to this crazy biography. Ok, I was born on August 19th, 1987 in Detroit but I've lived in garbage town a.k.a., Warren all my life. I picked up my dad's gee-tar a few days after my 15th birthday and started learning chords. 2 months later, I started getting terribly serious about guitar playing. I started playing everyday for 1 to 3 hours as soon as I got home from school. That has never stopped. I started learning from my first music inspiration Good Charlotte and learn almost all their songs by ear. From Green Day to The Ramones, to Finch you name it. I never stopped learning. SC is the first real band I'm in and I'm glad it's one I started. Even though I haven't played guitar my whole life and I may not have much band experience but I've been told to be very intelligent with this stuff. But I just love doing what I love to do that's all. I've had all these inspirations from professional bands but the biggest inspirations in my music life is local band Bidwell and the late Chris Cattaneo, and my friends and band members who've supported me along the way. Chris taught me what I call the advice of my life, "play from your heart, not from your mind." But enough of this cheesy bio, as Chris would say, "I bid you well…" Seth Melrose (vocalist/bassist) Well I'm Seth Melrose the bassist for the band, and I also write a lot of songs for our lovely group too! I was born 4/26/87 and since then…I was destined to play bass. You see, when I was a young lad, I used to have a little Les Paul acoustic that I never would play. You see this may not seem to have anything to do with playing bass, but it does! Well then again maybe it doesn't, I got into playing bass because of our lead man Mr. Ryan Richards. He got me into the music I like today. He totally was a very good role model for me even though I am older then him. But I also liked the beach boys/and or beastie boys a lot so that helped too. My bass gets me outta a lot of stress and the band does the same thing, music is like s soothing bubble-bath with a lotta hot girls and then getting into one of those Heffner robes The Band (Ryan speaking) One day after Eric's band disbanded after plans for the talent show 2 weeks before the auditions, an idea came over me that said we can do this. We just needed a band. I came strolling into school and I asked my good friend Ryan Wisniewski (former bassist) if he wanted to form a band with me for the talent show. He accepted and then later that day we caught up with Eric and asked him and he was up for it as well. We came across Tyler (former lead singer) to be our lead singer and we were all set…or were we? We needed a drummer but then Adam came to the rescue and joined us. With only 5 practices before auditions, we made it to the talent show, some performers practiced for months and they didn't make it. But we did it in 2 weeks. When the real talent show came along, we did not do so well as we thought we could've. But after all of that we kept the band which was only meant for one gig. 8 days after the talent show we kicked Tyler out, then 3 weeks after Tyler was booted, Wisniewski quit on us. And then it was just Eric, Adam, and I. We were a 3-piece band for about a month and we did pretty good but I felt we could use another guitarist. And being that I know Eric used to be the guitarist before converting to bass, he can switch back AGAIN to a guitarist. Crazy but that's how it was. So then I came across "Sexy Sethy" Seth Melrose. And I've known Seth for quite some time, he's a great bassist. So he came over my house one day so we could jam together and I started talking to him about a band offer to join. I explained to him about everything about the band like a brochure and before I was finished, he put his hand out and said, "You got yourself a bassist." So we shook on it and as of right now this is the band. Even after 3 band name changes (The Offset, Outside Inside, now SC) and 2 former band members departing, we're doing pretty good. I'm proud of the things we're accomplishing and I'm proud of my band mates. They've put so much heart into this like I have. Our biggest influence together as a band is Bidwell. Even since Chris Cattaneo's death, he's still my hero and Bidwell will always be our biggest influence. We would like to thank our supporters who have been there for us since day 1 and our supporters in the future. So that's just about all about the band.