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he band was formed in Decemeber of 2003. Noah's recent band,which didnt have a name, broke up and never attempted to start a new band. Noah then went on to doing solo projects. Noah soon met up with Sean Rust,a bass player, and decided to have a small get- together and then decided to start a band. Noah met up with Jarard and asked if he would like to be the guitarist and he agreed to join. Along with this they felt they were missing something.........Female vocals. Noah asked Bridget, if she would like to do it and she said yes

Here's a list of the members of A Manufactured Feeling.Click on their names to see their names to seee their bio: Click here to go back to the main page.

Full name: Noah Sias
Date Of Birth: 12/05/88

Years playing on instrument(s): Drums-11 years
Keyboard- year

Equipment Used: Mapex 5 Piece Drums Set
Roland Fantom S-88 Keyboard

Favorite bands: Rammstein, Radiohead, Mudvayne and all forms of techno music

Hates: marching band,punk bands(Except Ramones and Sex Pistols),Squier guitars And Casio Keyboards

Full name: Sean Rust
Date Of Birth: 02/06/87

Years playing on instrument: Bass- Three years

Equipment: Washburn Bass

Favorite Bands: Mudvayne,Primus,Rammstein And DJ Hydro

Hates: Certain people, school, and conformists.