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hey this is a page where i put up a few of the update.u know the stuff about who's dating who and what we're gonna do next... take a look around because our lives are so exciting...(cough choke gasp)


hey so i went to the spring concert with elisa, and i bawled like a baby...hey it was an emotional thing ya know, there is so many people who'll i grew up with, and its so strange that we are no longer goin' to see as much of each other. i wanna thank sani and cris for having done "chickenn" during armenian dances..that meant so much to la wom and i. you guys keep up the good work and congradulations longhorn band for everything u have accomplished so far...


ok so graduation is only 10 days away, and no im not nervous just nostalgic. i guess the though of leaving so much behind makes me realize there is so much i just can bare to part with. finals are monday and tuesday and tomarrow there is a senior breakfast. i just wish i could have on last dinner with my cymbal line so i can prepare them for the final goodbyes, because the way i see it, college is like a fulltime job and well, im afraid i cant be there as much nemore.


hey graduation is on saturday, thats like 4 days away or something. i really don't know what to expect for that day but i d know im having all these crazy dreams that something will happen, or that well as i really fear most nothing will happen. high school has had so many ups and downs for me, sometimes i thinks more downs, but then i remember the cymbal line. today's my last day at school. yep the last day at united high school, after today im just another college student,i think. anyways i guess ill write more wehn the day is over... laterz.


hey so its been a while since i've updated, granted my life doesnt have to many constant updates to be discussed. so let me make this short and sweet. i graduated, cris is on tenors, worm back a cymbal line section leader, and sani on bass 3. congradulations to kitty for crown...and let the summer unravel.finally in a nutshell im undergoin a series of medical procedures to attempt to correct a few minor malfunctions.(sick)anyways ill keep u all updated...laterz.


hey so i know its been a while but my computers been down ...i had all these really messed up viruses...dont worry all the pics will be up and runnin by friday the 30th and 2 new sections will be added...until then just relax and enjoy ur summer....oh and ummmm start planning what ur gonna get me for my birthday(hint: the 29th) ha ha j/k...


ok...the pictures are working...hahahaha...i have a headache cuz it was damn hard to organize everything...almost done...if neone has more band pics, lemme know.or send them to me at ill post them up...another thing, worm sani, cris, if u guys want me to put up any other pics or anything just let me taking a nap now..laterz.


hey well im 18 and completely legal now...haha. i gues the time would come but i still wonder what kinda of worl we live in that they make me legal...haha. well everythings goin pretty well, elisa is an awesome sectionleader and the new cymbal line is doing awesome. sani and cris are doin great on bass and tenors, and my b-day was actually mucho fun. ill keep you guys updated on anything else that happens...


ok so this saturday is sani's quinceñera thinger...yay sani...*does the i love sani and nachos dance* yep if you got invited i'll see you all there, by the way buy her nice presents or else ill run you over in my mothers' buzzing car... yea thats about it... enjoy the site.


ok so i had to make a new guestbook but hey this ones alot purddyer...anyways please check back frequently and show this site to other people cos i love my girls and i hope they still love and remember me..unless...*gasp* they forgotten me? dont you love me anymore?


ok so im alittle depressed today b/c i just realized my cymbal gurls probably dont love me anymore...i guess it happens to all of us. i got anew job...ya! but whatever. if you wanna reach me with any coments, just email me at we can all answer you from that one...lemme see what else...oh yea bye


ok so from what george tells me united got first place at the nixon marching festival and best percussion along with the award for best drummajor. aweshomnessith.


Happy b-day Coda.....yAy!!!!! all the happyness in the world for you....oh and by and by i changed server, why???because yahoo sux the shtml and they dont gimme much disk space and the page doesnt load or work sometimes and my feedback forum doesnt work on it so ha!!!all hail angel fire!!!


ok so umm i know that everyone else in the world celebrates halloween...well too bad...not me!!! so here's my anti-halloween thinger!!! long live non halloweenessith!!!


ok so today is my mommy's birfdae!!! yaynessith to my mommy. well i put up some new pics so please check it out and dont forget to sign the guestbook becos everyday i come in here it says like 5 more ppl have visited the site but no one signs...saddyness. bye!!!


Ok so i just thought i would put it up....GO BUSH!!!! yeaha, republicans so kick shtml. well he's presidnet for another 4 years...yupyup and i wouldnt have it any other way. so go Bush... i mean President Bush and ill see the Democrats at the Next election. laterz.


So i went to early advising and registration, im taking Music Literature II, Piano II, Applied Voice, Fundamentals of Music I, and i think that's it...oh yea there also is Sociology but who cares about that one. haha. OH and major SADDYNESS, my babies died. *cries* Po and Freddy the fishys were found floating dead in my fishtank yester day. *sobs*i can't stand it...they was my babies.*sobs* OH and then the Dr. wants me to take it easy and my friend sam wants me to go work with her at olive garden cos it's more money and my arthritis is acting up with that weather...saddyness.


So umm im just here at like 12:53 saturday morning, loser huh? well umm just wanted to update...3rd fish...still alive!!! LIVE ONE QUIQUE. secondly im doing some stuff , singing. haha. i love it, but no teasing me i havent sang in years...that's bored bye.


Ok so im updating again...just a few notes, Worm has BOYFRIEND...wink wink...go WORM!! i miss sani and cris and worm, i got to hang out with erik on saturday cos he works at olive garden with sam, and well annai and i went with her to hang out with them at bennigans. In the process we also stole sam's car and did some hardcore making out(LOL). its an inside thing...well that's about it. i just got out of work at the bursar's office at school, not alot of money but just while my paper work gets done. bye!!!


ok two things, one i really want to take my girls out to eat so if you guys wanna get together decide a time and gimme a call...u should know my cell number. another thing thanksgiving is on thursday so HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and remember to thank GOD for the little things. finally when you see me say hi to me and tell me how great my peircing bye.


Ok so we're in december, great huh? i love christmas time, its the best, especially since i get to celebrate the birth of my savior. im not too sure what else to say, everything is pretty much the same. im very happy with my life right now, and i hope my cymbal line is happy too, bye


hey so did i mention i love christmas, it rules the holiday shtml. I had a dream about the drumline, and i was teaching the cymbals a new technique, and mr. gil kept telling me to go away. and then he was like "well are you gonna help them?" and i was like, "well i can't show them but i can teach them!" and he got mad cos i made sandra go away. O.o


hey so i neglected the site...well alot has happened. On christmas eve, my Uncle passed away after his struggle with cancer. the family was so torn apart, especially me. i can't believe it even now, i don't even feel like the same person. i pray for his ready to start school again...just 12 hours. there's not much else to say. my pc is not working so bear with me. im sorry...


hey so im doing ok in school, just dealing with the nonesense squemy feeling my medication gives me. i amd honestly begining to feel sick for the first time in almost a year. if it hadn't been for what happened a month ago, i probably would ahve forgotten i was sick at all. i love all my friends, im sorry if i havent been able to keep in touch. send me emails and what not, and if you have anything on your mind, ask away.


ok ok still behind, but its not like anyone cares about this little corner of the internet anyways. Well first off, The Pope John Paul II, passed away. There are two things i will say on the matter and nothing more, mainly because since i am not catholic, i want to cause no offense. I am praying for the entire Catholic Community, so that they will seek confort in GOD, after all they lost their religous leader. and Two, it really was better for him to rest, he looked very ill. now that i've said that i must attend to my classes.


Ok so there's a new pope, benedict the something or other. i'll fill in the gap when i figure it out. im moving to AUSTIN...YAY!!!! i'll be attending UT in the Spring, but until then ACC. im really excited about everything but im tired because all the arrangments are long and winded. im gonna miss a few people but not laredo, not the situation, not the close-mindedness, and not all the people who center themselves around the dumbest city in the country. Yes they're is a bigger world out there and no, laredo will never be a part of it. thats it, leave comments yaddayadda.