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1.) What’s inside your CD player?

Everyting from backstreet boys to Korn to 50 Cent and Em to Spanishness.
well ill settle for stereo right now coldplay, revis, staind, the juliana theory, and ocean waves
cds and batteries

2.) What’s in your closet?

hmm clothes n shiz duH!!!.
mostly jeans, a couple of skirts, and a bunch of short sleeve shirts
clothes and shoes.
some confy jeans and your brother’s shirts

3.) In three words how would you describe yourself?

outgoing, hyper, unpredictable.
shy, nice, weird.
laid-back, insecure.
outgoing, unpredictable, sensitive..

4.) Whats your favorite brand of jeans ?

American Eagle.
well I like the ae ones but I only have one pair cos im po’

5.) you friends wanna go out, you suggest a trip to--

eat, of course…
A someone's house to eat, hang out, and chat while watching some cool movies.
Pennsylvania, of course…
eat and then take a nap or something

6.) When you like someone you?

Flirt and get to know them better and flirt some mo’
talk to them
joke around but get insecure

7.) what kinda movie do you like?

any comedy or scary suspenseful movie
a comedy like spaceballs or drama/sad like "a beautiful mind”
comedy like dude wheres my car or drama like “the Passion”.

8.) What do you plan to do after highschool?

college maybe keep on pole-vaultin
go to college
work your butt off .

9.) What kinda guys are you into?

someone nice...I have a thing for skaters though and drummers but almost anyone PIMP .
nice sweet guys that know how to make you feel nice and perrty.
fun relaxed guys
Relaxed, Christian guys with a mysterious thing goin on.

10.) Whats your favorite song of all time?

hmm…I don’t really have one
”as it stand”-the Juliana Theory
Grey Street…or the scientist
”Say Goodbye”--dave matthews band

This code has been stolen from the Barbie quiz who took it from someone else, who took it from, etc.