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hey so here are some quick ways to know if u r really one of the few, the proud, the cymbalized:

1. you love potatoes and hope to talk to one some day

2. your pet seems to crab in the middle of the nite

3. you spend hrs working on a website with no real purpose...

4. you think every good song can use a couple of cymbal splits here and there

5. you can totally jam out to the drumline warmups

6. you think dave rulz this shtml

7. you once played a wind instrument before realizin the errors of your ways

8. ur a bum and spend most of your day sleeping

9. u think that a cymbal crash is actuallya graceful sound

10. uv'e tried flapping ur cymbals in hope that ull fly

11. when standing on the field, you fan each other using ur cymbals

12. u wear a skirt and feel shkanky

13. you've tried marching in a skirt and flipflops

14. your still reading this

15. u think this is a funny website

16. you do the blinky eye thinger

17. u use the word : thinger

18. u constantly come up with new visuals all vino style

19. u understand the condept of "vino" and "chickenn"

20. u think you know but you have no idea...(me:slap*now lets try this again)

21. you drive around the bandhall in a invisible car

22. you arrive about 30 mins late to dinner and the waiter(pervert) hits on u

23. someday you'd like to get over the magik stick incident

24. you've tried scooping up sani into your hands when she's far away

25. you've poke your cymbal tech with a stick when he was asleep

26. you used to call vino "sir"

27. you stand confused a for a bit after someone asks for hector(mr.gil)

28. you use the term "la ponke"

29. you still talk about the cymbal line like there was only 4 of u

30. when someone says 'la pepe' you say [name deleted]?

31. you have fallen asleep in a cubby

32. your name is carved inside a cymbal cubby

33. you figured that alf is just gonna keep gettin taller

34. you have a quice and feel like you should have worn tennis

35. you spend your days thinking of cymbalized characteristics

36. you think nora is the allmighty webmaster...muahahahaha

37. you like this site better than the official drumline site

38. eddie smells

39. yea he does...

40. you march right during the box drill when u're supposed to go left

41. you like to go to peter pipers

42. you're ready to go into attention when someone begins to clap

43. you owe ricky candy and its been months

44. you tell nora that she forgot to put in certain tricks of the trade

45. ur name is sani, cris, elisa or nora