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personality test
Mostly A's You're like Elisa
Positive: your very opinionated and get along with people of all ages and styles, you tell it like it is..
Negative: be alittle more considerate of the people around you, if not you might hurt someones feelings when your overstating your opinion.

Mostly B's You're like Cris
Positive: your friends like you because your sweet and willing. You try to make your friends happy even if sometimes they have to come before you.
Negative: Try to give out your opinion more.Remember you have the right to say what you mean, and not feel guilty about it.

Mostly C's You're like Sani
Positive: Your friends like you because your outgoin and random. Its kinda hard to ever know what to expect. You’re the life of every party but you know when to get to work
Negative: try to allow yourself to have alittle fun when working, yes you have to get things done, but theres no rule that says you cant have fun while doing it..

Mostly D's You're like Nora
Positive: Your often looked on as the leader of the group, and most of the time your willing to take charge. You different and unique and nobody can ever guess whats coming next..
Negative: try to take things alittle more seriously. You’ll find that a part of the being the leader is stepping up to the responsibility.