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ewwww...i know i look grosss....hey i guess ill start with my name,thats nora. and im the eighteen yr old ex-cymbaline section leader for the united high school cymbal line. i like to read and spend alot of time telling off html coding, oh yea and i love to spend time in's my thing.and well i guess ill tell u alittle bit about the mystery of my mind

i like pizzA, and all sorts of old movies. i LOVE Dave Matthews Band, and other good groups include, coldplay, weezer, radiohead, romeovoid, phish,and well smart individuals like kurt cobain, elliot smith, bob marley, and what not... im open to alot of different music, but not all this hip hop what not, thats not music, thats crap.

i have an e-mail adress called flower in the rain, for those of you who don't know flower in the rain is a christian song by jaci velasquez. well the song has some really powerful word that as time goes by i only seem to identify most with. "here i am again, willing to be opened up and broken. like aflower in the rain, tell me what have i to do to die and then be raised, and reach beyond the pain of the flower in the rain?" i have made so many mistakes in my life that it would be a mistake in itself to try counting them, it would be even harder to count what God has done in my life. im not perfect i don't pretend to be, but i love my family and all of my friends. and im a genuine person, and a very happy one too.

heres goes out alittle credit to my friends:

Annai (my fellow spaz)

Samantha (my sister/ grandmother)

chuck (dating my mother/fellow spaz/ neice)

coda (has too many weird friends)

ashley (likes to sing)

sara (never gets off her damned nextel)

worm (gives me hot lovin ;)

sani (starts off sentences with "nora!!!")

cris (is my favorite girl)

enrique (trip killer)

maryela (tell you what...)

jessica (nothing just chillin)

nick (is gonna bring me a penguin)

emily (why dont you call me???? grrrr)

susana (susaphone)

im sorry if i forgot you...gtg, i have sociology in 10 minutes...bye!!!!!!