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hey this hurrr is SANI!!!! shes real spunky, ya know sometimes me thinks also da most disciplined. well here's her bio..its cymbal girl NO. 4: STEPHANIE brosig...ha ha


It all started on the faithful morn of the 24th of August on the ninteen-hundred eighty-ninth year. forward to well i guess the end of 8th grade. i knew i was going to UHS and of course be in the perc. section i knew i wasnt good enough to play drums but i loved the pit...they were awesome! Abie wanted me to play cymbals he told me that why should i play auxiliary when i could march and play cymbals... my arguement was that the cymbals were bloody heavy, besides i would get better at rhythms if i played pit. well it turned out i kinda got "forced" into playing cymbals. i met nora and elisa, now me and elisa go back to elementary so it was all good. my first impression of nora was like, "well she was kinda mean" but by the second rehearsal i was thinking, "whoa this is awesome!" soon i got cymbalized. i was 4th cymbal. After we met vino everything changed we were even more into cymbals than ever. it took us bout 3 days to get the technique but man it was awesome. we went to B.O.A. and got our butts kicked but that didnt matter we had fun so it was all good. Even though im gonna move onto a drum sometime in high school i still want to try out for DCI to march cymbals soon. and then i can do visuals all vino style. oh yeah, i guess im the one who made up the name "vino style" and called him, "wine" (that sounds all um..i dont know conceited but whatever)


well i like dave but not as much as nora or sandra or anyone, i like coldplay and damien rice too and all types of music pretty much. like nora said, im really SPUNKY i get hyper easily but i can be serious...there's time for work and time for play as they say. i guess you can say im disciplined and i work hard when i have to. eh we all get lazy and like to have fun though so yeah..well this is getting all long so i guess thats it for me. the cymbal line was the best experience ever.

*SaNi B.*