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hey this is cristina. "ure beautiful, and i just want u to know that ure my favorite girl". lol, inside joke. maybe gil hasn't said so officially but hey i left her in charge.

Well it all started off when middle school was at its final days, I was getting tired of playing flute and I need something more exciting to play in band so I switched to percussion. I should really thanks Sani for my :transformation; (haha) cause she was the one who told me about the practices and stuff so yeah. So the first day I went it was just me and Elisa we didn・t really do much, we did for a little while but then we sat down and started talking about all this nonsense. Yeah and then we went to like the third practice and that・s when I met Nora I didn・t like her too much at first cause I was telling her a story about my day and she totally blew me off, but now I love her. Anyway, I wasn・t too excited to play cymbals but then we got the music and it was pretty cool, then the almighty Vino came and he showed us all this awesome stuff and that・s when I started getting excited about playing cymbals. Yeah and that・s pretty much it we had an awesome marching season this year too bad Nora and Elisa left in the second semester we could・ve done all badass at the drum line competition (not that we didn・t do badass but yeah we would・ve done even more badass.) Okay well that・s how I got onto the best cymbal line in Laredo so have a nice day!

Well just a little about my self. I・ll listen to anything with a good rhythm and good lyrics. I・m really lazy but I get my shit done and if I really want something to be done I・ll do it. Yeah and that・s it so once again have a nice day!