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  Absent Minded



Hello peoples. This is the official Absent Minded website. We're mainly a garage band now, but we're trying to get noticed. We're a Christian pop punk band from Kennesaw, GA.

/-\bsent /\/\inded






6-05-03:Eric-Collin quit quite a while ago but I've been to lazy to update it. If you want to know why, ask me, it's actually a very funny story.Oh, I also added Ryan's Bio. Bye bye!

4-30-03:Eric-We now have a bio section. It's in the info section. look at it. Only my bio is up yet. Peace out.

2-14-03:Eric-No, we're not dead, nor are we broken up. But Happy Valintines Day, from Absent Minded's most (and only)elegable bachlor(or however u spell it).

12-22-02:Eric-I put up a Info section and a new song.

12-22-02:Eric-Ummm, oh yea, just to clarify sumting, we're a pop punk band like Relient K, I forgot 2 mention that earlier.

12-13-02: Eric-Ooooooh, Friday the 13th, spooky, eh. Anyway, the lyrics section is offically up! With 1 whole song!!!!! I'm gonna put sum more up in a min. ok. good, I'm glad you like it.

12-08-02:Hey every1, well Ethan has just resigned....But we have a new drummer named Alex. Please pray 4 us until we get our A-team. Btw, the songs section will only have 1 song starting out.

12-07-02: Hey every1 its Eric and Ryan, we're about to put up a songs section, with a grand total of 8 songs. Look 4 it soon.


Newayz, thank u for comming and stop back when the site is bigger.

Oh, and if u want more info or something you can reach Eric at or if u have AIM Eric's sn is flylikeapenguin2.