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Worlds Apart Historia Suomeksi


Worlds Apart-The story so far
The band was formed in 1992. From over 10,000 boys five lucky one were chosen to the band:Aaron Poole(born:20.9.1972)*Daniel Bowyer(Born:3.12.1972)*Patrick Osborne*Schelim Hannan(Born:16.7.1973)*and Steve Hart.Quite soon after they had had a little bit of success in England, Patrick deceided to leave the band in august 1993. He was placed by Aaron Cooper, these days better known as Cal Cooper in december 1993.

In 1994 the band released their first album "Together". The album wasn´t so successful, but they still took over some places in Europe, like the whole Germany in 1994 with hits like "Could it be I´m falling in love" and "Everlasting love". Also two of the original members left in that year:Daniel Bowyer in august and Aaron Poole in december 1994, who wanted to start his own singing career.

Worlds Apart were looking for another singer to the band and in the picture came Nathan Moore, ex-singer of 80´s band "Brother Beyond". He joined into the band in december 1994. In a meanwhile Worlds Apart were recording on their second album and the first single of that album "Baby come back" was huge hit. Same happend with the second single "Everybody" and they finally released the second album in april 1996 called "Everybody". After that their started to became really big basicly all over the globe, getting hit after hit.

But the best was yet to come. Their final breakthrough came with the french song "Je te donne" and made them super stars. In autumn 1997, when fans were expecting the third album "Don´t change" to see the day light, big shock came to us (fans) all. In september, saying exactly on september 16th, 1997 the news of Schelim Hannan´s departure from Worlds Apart was announced.

But the story goes; one month later, 20 years old, very handsome guy, Tim Fornara, joined the band. The band did very succesful tour in march 1998, "The Future Tour" and then they started to record the next album.

The long waiting was finally over in the beginning of 2000 when the band finally came back with new single "I will" and with totally new style of music. Album "Here and now" followed in march. It reached the position 34 in it´s first week in France, but then came down week after week and wasn´t so successful as people thought it could have been. Boys still tried to come back in the summer and released a VERY cool summer song "Language of love" in Germany. But as far it looked like, the album didn´t have any success in Germany at all, neither was the single...

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