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Bomba y Plena - What is it?
Press Clips
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 Viento de Agua

"One of the top ten productions of the year. The band plays  bombas and plenas, music from Puerto Rico, and its exuberant and raucous." 
Peter Watrous, The New York Times

"You feel the urge to surrender to each one of the nine  songs included in De Puerto Rico al Mundo." 
Primera Hora

"Viento de Agua will mesmerize the listeners as well as the dancers with their rainstorm of colors and sounds. It's the ultimate Caribbean party music." 
Latin Beat Magazine

"Their first album is a work of amazing innovation and swing." 
La Opinión

"This is an absolutely danceable document about the process of Puerto Rican music: dynamic, delicious, fluid. It tells us and it makes us repeat that plena is the Puerto Rican music of the new millennium." 

"Viento de Agua is a rainstorm of swing that fussions the folkloric styles of bomba and plena with salsa, jazz and rock creating a different sound with a contagious rhythm that  would make the Statue of Liberty dance to it's unique beat." 
El Nuevo Dia