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Vista High School Trumpets

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Welcome to the Vista High School Trumpet Website. This is just a bit of information thrown together so the whole world can know who we are and how we do things. We have upheld the tradition of greatness for over a decade now, this season has been nothing but a step in the right direction. please exscuse the mess as this site goes through a little post season construction. as it always has gone in the past, if someone asks you "Who the F*** did this..." you'll know the answer.

By the way, our spring tour was awesome! Trumpets really tore it up in Wakki! Thanks to Everyone who made that trip possible, you know who you are.

Due to some legal issues recently facing this site, Please take a moment to read our Disclaimer which explains the terms of service and privacy for this, and all Lil' Goddess Peek (tm) sites.

Trick of the day: To defeat the evil pop up add banners simply minimize them. If one add banner is minimized (ie. the one on this page) others cant pop up from the same server as long as one remains open.

Please, Please, Please, Please! Sign our Slam Book and/or TrumpetBook 2001. If you are signing either book while the random server sweep rolls through this site you may be eligible to will $1000*

Note: to all of the VHS trumpets that have been frequenting this site regularly, WHY HAVEN'T YOU SIGNED THE TRUMPET BOOK YET?!?!? Joanna hates you now.

Last Updated:05162001

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