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president lyrics

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In the beginning, there was 42 and 3. They liked The Presidents of the United States of America. 42 and 3 liked PUSA so much, they decided to make a website about them. Not just any website though, a god-like website that even people who weren't fans of PUSA would enjoy. Well, 42 and 3 made the website. It was all good. I can't say that it was a very comprehensive PUSA website, seeing that it only had lyrics ripped off from other peoples sites. Eventually, 42 and 3 got sidetracked. The cup of life was about to take place and eventually 42 and 3's presidents site became known as ...... "PUSA and stuff". Now it is the year 2003. There are thousands of hits to this site each month. I don't know what the people who come here are looking for and I don't really care. All I can say is "I hope you guys weren't stooged"

Goodbye friends,

42 and 3.