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3 Doos New album - AWAY FROM THE SUN, in stores now!

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November 23 2002 2001 - Away from the Sun has debuted at number 8 on the Billboard Charts which is a great effort from 3 Doors Down, good work guys and your geting the recognition you deserve, the single When Im gone is sitting on 65 after 2 weeks in the singles hart but no doubt that will move up. New lyrics coming soon!

November 16 2002 2001 - Well this page will be going through a revamp over the next 2 weeks with new lyrics from the album to come, more pics, and a general restructure. The new single "When Im gone" from the album "Away from the Sun" has debuted at 67 on Billboard 100 chart, the new album is awesome and was worth the wait! Great effort guys!

September 21 2001 - Sorry for lack of updates!! 3 Doors Doen enhanced version of Be Like That appears on the American Pie 2 Soundtrack, its a great song and be sure to get the single or soundtrack, Be Like That is shooting up the BillBoard Charts to 30 this week - Our thoughts go out to the victims of the WTC tradgey and Pentagon - lets hope this is the last terrorist tradgedy we see in a long time to come...

15/05/2001 - 3 Doors Down Are Coming To Australia. Melbourne 15/6 and Sydney 12/6!! FinallY!!

24/04/2001 - Great news for Aussie 3 Doors Down fans, according to the 3 Doors Down official website, 3 Doors Down maybe coming to Australia soon, nothing is organised yet but I am hoping they decide to come! Duck And Run has gone number 1 on the Rock Charts and sits at number 12 on the Billboard Rock Chart! Loser has also just gone on sale in Australia so make sure you get it!

17/04/2001 - Hey everyone - sorry for lack of of updates of late but the news site design is coming along well and 3 Doors Down have been nominated for 2001 Blockbuster Awards for Favourite New Artist and won - the awards keep coming!!

20/04/2001 - From 3 Doors Down. Com - VH1 Rockshow Fri. 3/2 @ midnight Scott Ian host - Special Guests: 3 Doors Down

05/04/2001- 3 Doors Down where only not to win at the grammys with the award going to Creed. 3 Doors Down's Better Life is flying up the Aussie Charts, this week at 26 and Kryptonite at Number 8

17/02/2001 There are lots of new 3DD linls been added to the 3DD Links page. As well as a new site design coming soon, 1 week to the grammys! Go 3DD!

25/01/01 - - Farmclub Will Be Re-Airing 3DD's Performance Of "Loser" Fri., 1/12 and Sat. 1/13On The USA Network

3 Doors Down perform their new single "Away from the Sun" on Jay Leno, Thursday 14th 2002.

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As of the 23rd November

In America Away from the Sun debuts at number 8 on Billboard 200 and When Im gone sits at 65 after 2 weeks on the Billboard 100
Click Here for more including Billboard (USA) and Sanity and HMV (Aussie Charts)...

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