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April 6th, 2001
Well wow, thanks to everyone who came out and supported/skanked up the stages of webster lodge, it was a mad fun show, might i add the first all ska show to ever hit webster! Mad thanks to all the bands that played tonight, The Lightbulbs who i really love put on an excelent show and are getting better everytime i hear them. N.O.T.A mad good work tonight thanks for playing on such short notice! The Motives our skanking brothers from diffrent mothers, we fucking love you guys, hope you raised enough money. Well thanks again, i just got back from the after party at hots and my arteries are begenning to clog, more then usual. In other news, well be taking a little break from the shows and what not as we work on recording our second demo on the 28th and 29th of this month. Well see you soon kids! -spath
April 3rd, 2001
I just added the song "Crazy About You" to the audio section. It's live from the Penny Arcade from last friday at the battle of the bands. It's really bad sound quality, and it skips in places.... oh well go get it anyways! We called GFI Studios today, and we're going back to record our new CD on April 28th and 29th! Oh yeah, everyone come to see us this friday at the Parkview Lodge in Webster Park. We'll be playing with The Motives and The Lightbulbs, so that'll be really hot. Show costs $4 and all proceeds go to the -help-the-motives-go-to-new-york-city-to-record fund. Show starts at 7... be there!!! - Matt
March 22, 2001
Baby whats up? Not much here, we had a practice for the big sunday show with catch 22, just this once i wont go on a hype bout how you all should come and the goings ons. Hey Mad props to the newest ska band around the Lightbulbs we had the plesure of playing a show with them, they is mad good and can only get better. So if you get a chance check them out. Well I guess thats it, still no news on recording or the ska for dummies complimation. Ill be in touch hope to see you at the show!

March 14th, 2001
Hey boys and girls, its ol spath up in here getting our news on. For thoughs of you who care, or still bother to check this! We got alot of shows up and coming, the show this friday with the lightbulbs, and a bunch of others, which should go mad well. We're opening for catch 22 that should be freaking HOT, and theres also a battle of the bands coming up. For more info on all thoughs shows see our shows page. Spaz is calling the guys at gfi, or at least says hes calling them tonight but who knows. Were also hoping to record chris conrona... dare i say it live, at the catch 22 show so be there~! No news on the ska compilation ill keep you post. Also i put up a birthday section full of pics of our cake and stuff, and i also added a link to that "All your base are belong to us" page thats causing a comotion. Well im gonna make like a nut and bust. Talk to you later -spath

March 6th, 2001
Dude we just had a fly pracitce.... wait were not NOTA. hahahaherrr (dead silence) Well lets see whats going down? The big news is we're opening for Catch 22 when they come to town on March 25th! This is gonna be an incredible show, tickets are 8 bucks and theres a 2 dollar cover for you minors(wait us minors). We're also playing a whole bunch of other shows this month. Theres some talk and wispers in dark allys of going back to the studio to Rerecord some parts of our original demo as well as record 4 of our newer songs. There may also be one track off of our old cd on the Fevered Pitch Records Ska Compilation, entiteled "Ska and Punk for Dumeez". More info on that later. Other wise keep it real -the goonies

Febuary 27th, 2001 news, what news? Well were working on some new shit, things is good, were most likly not playing the waterstreet show, sorry. But we have a whole mess of up and coming shows, pshh come and see us ---- up shit? Me fro greggy and a bunch of non goonies, are going to nyc for the weekend, peace out. -matt spath

febuary 16th, 2001Well we just played a show with some great bands up at harmony house and it was mad fun. Played a few of the newer songs and added a good ol ltj cover of johny quest, It was fun mad props to the Toxic Cusaders (spelling), The Skrubs, ------- hell errrh um fontenell(spelling once again) and down time, it was a great all around show. Id like to take this time to dismiss many of the rumors of us braking up and going our seperate ways. Sure we may not always get along with each other but theres alot of love that will hopefully keep the goonies going strong for a long time, despite all the one hit wonders of our time. With much love to our friends and fans who always suport/feed us, i am out. -matt danger spath

January 24, 2001 Well thanks to everyone who came and suported the show at webster park. Due to a strange epidemic most of the goonies are home sick! A connection between playing half naked in the snow at night, and the goonies sudden illness, i guess we'll never know. No real other news is up in here, the waterstreet show has been postponed again! But im sure there will be some more shows going on soon. -spath out

January 17, 2001

January 11, 2001

Hey hey hey everyone, spath up in this beotch up dating our news and what not, ive made a few updates to our page, here and there. New Bios and pics, ive even added lyrics to songs were playing and subtracted some we've never played. AS always thanks everyone for coming out and suporting the band. Hope to see you at some of our shows! -spath
Happy New Years everyone! Hope everyone had a great time and noone got dead or anything. It is now 2:36 AM so dont be surprised if this whole entry is just mindless rambling... but i got shit to say, so here i go. I just added Change You to the audio section, so get yer lazy ass over there and download that. As far as shows go, I just got an email from the Vilefiends asking us to play on January 10th at Rush Henrietta High School. This isn't definite, but it's possible. We've got another show set up for January 19th with The Motives, Just Short Of Nothing, None of The Above, and Muffin Kitty. Not sure where at yet, but i'll let ya'll know soon. I'm sure a lot of you have seen the bitching and arguing thats been going on between our band and the other band called "the goonies" from Massachusets. My opinion is.. i have no opinion. Just be kind, dont go to there guestbook and sign it telling them how much they suck. Well, thats it, I'm out.
December 20, 2000

Hey, whats up. its spath! im mad messing in our page! Dont be surprised if things are messed up or spelled wrong. If you have any suggestions for the page email the band and tell us what you think. aite peace! Oh and were finishing up some brand spanking new songs for the next few shows so hope to see you there!
December 19, 2000

Hey, whats up. Last weekened we played at the Gates Presbyterian Church, which was great. We'd like to thank Just Short of Nothing for setting up that show. We'd also like to apologize to everyone at the church who put up with our blatant profanity. We really dont have many future show plans yet. So, thats it for now.
December 15, 2000

Last weekend kicked some major ass! Two great shows in a row. Thanks to Dan Whittemore for setting up an incredibly sucessful show. We'd also like to thank G Thomas for helping us out a lot at the Variety Show, which was much more fun than any of us expected. Next weekend we'll be playing out in Gates at the Gates Prebyterian Church. See the Shows page for more info. We'll also be selling cd's at the show for 5 bucks. Hope to see you guys there. LATER!
December 3, 2000

We won the Battle of the Bands last night at the webster rec center! Cool, huh? Well, we'd really like to thank all the people at the parks and rec and the music store for setting it all up. We'd also like to congradulate Marius for coming in a close second. Well, next weekend we've got two shows lined up. Friday is Dan Whittemore's "Rock for Food" Concert at Webster High School in the auditorium. Admission to the show is one non-perishable food item. All the proceeds are going to the webster food cupboard, so we best see you there. The other bands playing are Out Of Line, Muffin Kitty, One Track Mind, and Mercury 357. Saturday we'll be playing the Webster High School Variety Show... this isn't a real show, seeing as how we only get to play one song. Well, thats it for now.
November 6, 2000

Well, the show at Saint Martins was a great show with a huge turnout. Thanks a lot to everyone that came and went absolutely nuts. On an even cooler note, we got permanantly banned from playing at the church. This is due to me saying shit in one of our songs. Oh well.... Anyways, the waterstreet show on the 17th is looking like it's gonna get postponed a while, but there is a show in the works for November 18th. We wanna play with None of the Above and one other band, we're not sure who yet. I'll put more info up on that show as soon as I get it. Well, thats it for now.
October 16, 2000

HAHA! FINALLY i got some audio on the site. I uploaded "Not Allright Tonight" from our CD onto the audio page. the show at Waterstreet is gonna be on November 17th.. tickets will be $10. thats it for now. later
October 9, 2000

Well, lots of stuffs been going on. The FINAL DATE for the Fro Show II is gonna be October 21st.. sorry we've changed that soo much.. we've all got our heads up our asses big time. We've been writing new songs, which is always good.. right? And there the possibility of another show at the Waterstreet Music Hall (yay!), i'll write more about that as soon as I figure it out. oh yeah, i still cant figure out how to put the damn audio on the site, so if you want some of the songs, check napster.. i see em on there all the time. Well, thats all i gotta say about that.
September 14, 2000

Hey people! I'm really sorry about the song in the audio section. The people at crosswinds are a bunch of assclowns that wont let me put the mp3 there. I'll fix it as soon as I can find a better place to put em. The cd has been selling like mad. I walked into school on wensday with 20 copies, and they were all pretty much gone before first period... shuda brought more.. oh well, keep checking the audio section cuz that song will be up really soon. later!
September 11, 2000

The CD is finally done! coooool! well, the mp3 for "Not Allright Tonight" isn't working right now, if did for one night, then it stopped. I'll be fixing it REALLY soon, so keep trying. The cd costs 5 bucks. if you want a copy then email us, or stop one of us in the halls at school.
August 23, 2000

WORD! We just got back from out first day of recording at GFI. We're going back for mixing soon, but right now i've just got the rough mix CD and it sounds really great. As soon as the whole thing is done we'll be putting some songs on the page and we'll be selling the CD for $5. Sorry about the price, but it's really what we gotta charge without losing a shitload of money.
August 21, 2000

i just realied we haven't done jack shit with the site in the longest time. oh well, that just shows how hard we've been working on our music... right..... well anyways we're recording in like two days, which is extremely cool. Thom bought a new bass, it's an epiphone, and it's real nice. well.. um.. word.
August 6, 2000

Ok.. ok.. my bad. We're going to GFI on the 23rd of August. As far as new stuff goes, we've written like 3 new songs. Theres some talk about a show at Saint Martins church with Down Time, Marius, and Muffin Kitty right after school starts, i dont know if this is actually gonna happen though. We're also playing a graduation party for Chris Dibella on August 19th. K, cool... later.
July 31, 2000

Finally! We're going into GFI Studios on August 11th to record our demo. This means that it should be ready before school starts again. Cool. We dont have any shows scheduled, we'll post some dates when we do.
July 10, 2000

Sorry we've been so lazy around here, not a lot has been going on. We've been busy writing some new stuff and we've been playing some partys. As for future shows i've been hearing some rumors about a possible show with Marius at the Penny Arcade? Well, since i have absolutely no idea whats going on with that i can inform you no furthur.. but i'll give ya the details as soon as I get em.

July 1, 2000

Well, i just wanted to thank everyone that came to the show earlier tonight. Not a great turnout, but oh well. As for future shows, we have none lined up. We're pretty much just gonna live in Greg's basement for the next month writing new stuff, so expect a ton of new songs for our next show. We're looking into recording (seriously now!) and we should be doing that REALLY SOON. so.. uh.... yeah! seeya all later! -spaz out.

June 30, 2000

Well, tomorrow is our show at Tremors. Obviously now it's too late to buy tickets from us, but you can still buy tickets at the door.. they are $6. We'll be playing with Third Estate and the Vile Fiends. We've got one new song called So Long ready for this show. Sorry we dont have more, but we've been working really hard to write new stuff lately... so expect a bunch of new tunes for our next show after tremors. As far as recording goes.. we're looking at GFI studios and we wanna get in there pretty soon, but we're still setting things up. Thats it for now, seeya at the show!

June 13, 2000

Well, we just finished the show at Webster High School. We played pretty well, and about 120 people came out to see us, Marius, and The F Word. Thanks a lot to everyone who blew off review classes and homework to support us! Well, as far as recording goes, the ever so sexy Todd York has offered his services (and great equipment) to help us record. We'll most likely be doing it this weekend. If the quality of the recording with Todd is good, then we most likely won't go to a studio yet. Well, thats it for now, peace. -Spaz
June 5, 2000

Well with waterstreet behind us look for more great things from the goonies were going back into the basement to write and pick up on some songs that we had set aside till now, new songs, old jokes. Its safe to say that were getting sick of the same 8 or so songs that we play, as for new stuff it looks like we might have at least 2 or 3 new songs ready by our tremors show on july 1st. Speaking of which were playing with this other band called the vilefiends. As for the page its self we put up some pics from waterstreet expect more in the future. Also we added a new mp3 to the page. We still dont have a winner for the contest in the crazy shit section but keep trying. In other news look for a compleat overhaul on our page, were gonna revamp it all and finaly get to some of that shit weve been meaning to for so long. Peace.-spath
June 3, 2000

WORD! well, the Exposure show at waterstreet was a huge sucess. we all really want to thanks everyone that came to see us and skanked there asses off. well, we didn't win.. so were gonna have to pay for our recording time... but dont worry, we'll still be recording real soon. as for upcoming shows i got a call yesterday from Onechord.com about playing Tremors on July 1st. of course nothing is definite yet, but i'll let you know more about that when i figure it out. once again, thanks a lot. -spaz
May 24, 2000

Hey hey hey hey, everyone! First id like to thank everyone whos bought tickets from us and helped suport the band. We're all so stoked for this show its unbelivable, hope to see you all there. Our set list is Change You, As bad as it gets, Not Alright Tonight, Sometimes I think, Chris Corona and Giligans Island. yes were ending with a new song. Second of all thanks to Adam V, Todd B and the man Scoppa for leting us play. Great party-Bad music. But we're working our asses off to get things ready for this weekend. Also everone be sure to check out craigs bio! IN other news we will hopefully be recording a 6 song cd sometime in this early summer the name of it as well as the songs that will go on it are yet to be determined. As for thoughs of you that asked if they could get there own black and white goonies shirts just like our new ones well i think that maybe a real possiblity theyd cost somthing like 7 a peice. let me get back to you guys on that. anyways im gonna skank on out of here. peace out. and remeber. GOONIE NEVER SAY DIE! -spath
May 16, 2000

Hey everyone. We'll be playing Waterstreet Music Hall on June 2nd for the "Exposure" show. It should be a great show, so i hope to see everyone there. Some other bands playing will be Muffin Kitty and Marius. Tickets are $10, and you can get them from anyone of us or anyone from the other bands. As far as recording goes, we'll almost definitely be recording in late June or early July. Well, thats it for now. peace.
May 9, 2000

Well, we'be been busy, not necesarily doing anything important, some new stuff, some stuff thats not so new, some stuff thats good, and some thats just bad. We're most likely gonna push back the recording till late june early july account of the many many shows we have lined up. It looks to be a kick ass summer for the goonies. Oh and most importantly every one give a big warm grinding hug to new tenor sax player Craig (bein) Lutterbein (spelling?). Every body say "hi craig" he'll most likely not be playing his first show with us till Watersteet June 2nd but its great to have him as part of the band. plus he does alot more lackie work to the page than spaz does. oh yeah, we just got pictures back from out very first show... so we'll be putting those up sometime soon. well im spent! -matt danger spath out
May 5, 2000

Sorry that nothin much has been happening here. Well, our next show will be on June 2nd at Waterstreet Music Hall... about a million other bands will be playing to. We'll give you more information on that as soon as we get it. Tickets will be something like $10. We'll have a couple new songs done for this show. The show at webster high school was canceled on account of every band having other shows or whatnot. It's probobly gonna be rescheduled, so watch for that. Well, thats it for now. peace.
April 29, 2000

Well absolutly nothing has happened lately. Spaz and Tom are on some orchestra trip in toronto, and we haven't practiced since the show. Well tonight Greg, Spath, and fro are going to Mustard Plug to skank up the place. We're gonna practice tues. and thurs. and hopefully get some stuff done. Well thats it for now, peace out.
April 21, 2000

k, here i am in the AM's again.. so technically our show is later today... this is just too much for me... anyways i just wanted to tell everyone coming to the show to bring an extra 3 bucks for Marius's demo tape entitled "Sophomore year". It's got 3 great songs on it and from what i hear it truly kicks ass. well, now that you all know that i must be on my way.
April 20, 2000

hey hey... as you can probobly see i just totally changed the site. what can i say. i have way to much free time on my hands. well, it's 12:17 AM, so technically our show is tomorrow.... wow thats weird... ANYWAYS.. the set list is gonna be: Change You, As Bad As It Is, I'm Ok Your Ok, Sometimes I Think, Not Allright Tonight, Chris Carona. Check the shows page for the adress of the show. The cost is 2 bucks, sorry about that but there will be free pizza and drink there. Well, hope to see you there. peace.
April 11, 2000

hello all, whats happenin. well... i added a couple more pictures to the site. the show on the 21st should be cool. Tickets are 2 bucks each and only 75 poeple can come. Were gonna start sellin em tomorrow. talk to any of us or anyone from Marius to get em. yeah... allrighty, thats about it for now. peace
April 4, 2000

hey hey, well, i added one mp3 from our show last friday... the sound quality is really crappy but it's a start. We'll be putting a better recording up there as soon as we get it. Oh yeah, as soon as greg gets off his lazy ass and decides to scan some pictures from our show and stuff i'll put em up. k? cool. peace
April 1, 2000

Hey, i just wanted to thank everyone who came to our show. We really apreciate it. Well, we thought it went pretty well considering it was our first show and all. Oh yeah.. theres gonna be pictures on the site really soon from our shows and i hope to get a decent recording of some songs so we can put em on the page. Ok.. seeya later.

March 29, 2000

Hey everyone, whats up. Well, our first show is in two days.... are we ready? Who knows... well, it should be a lot of fun, so we hope to see you there. The set will be: Change You, Sometimes I Think, I'm OK Your OK, Not Allright Tonight, and Chris Carona. Well, thats it for now, seeya later!

March 19, 2000

Hey everyone, whats up. Well, here's a little bit about our show on the 31st... it's gonna be us, Marius, Muffin Kitty, and Deaf Bye 20. It'll be at St. Martins church on Bay Road. It's a FREE show, so i wanna see all you guys there! Since we are such a new band, we're probobly only going to play about 4-5 songs and the other bands will have longer sets. Well, thats it for now, seeya later!