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Change You
Am I good enough for you? Am I all that I should be? No more of your complaining, about all thats wrong with me. I'm tired of your bitching, telling me just what to do. So instead of changing me, make the change inside of you.

And I'll complain, until you understand. The power's yours, it's in your hands. Dont look at me, just look inside of you. And that is all that you can do.

It's all becoming clearer, you've always been the boss. And you don't know what's good for you, until its all been lost. you make me out to be wrong, no matter what i do. And I'm the one that's right, make the change inside of you.

Sometimes I Think
So you think you know whats real? How to look act think and feel. Your living your life in a haze, trying to keep up with the craze.

Sometimes I think I need a drink to help me sink right back to life, and most importantly don't be mad at me. You always come to me when your life falls apart, but where were you at the start?

Somehow in your youth, you seemed to miss out on the truth. You say you know, but you just dont see. Your only who they want you to be.

Yeah, you know whats going down. Why are you wearing that frown? You say you know but you just don't see, you're only who they want you to be.

Not Allright Tonight
Somehow I think it's strange that things are never gonna change. And everything I'm gonna miss, i'd never thought I'd end like this

It's not OK. I'm not the same. I'll never be, so who's to blame? One things for sure, your not the cure. You know I'm not allright tonight.

I know let's put the past behind, I just can't get it off my mind. It's not like I dont wanna try, it seems my life has gone awry.

I lay in bed awake..... at night. You don't know whats at stake.... tonight.

You better look the other way, cause you know i just won't stay. I might be back someday, and you'll be here to say: that your sick of gettin hit by all the same old ---- and you, yeah you, want out.

Chris Corona
Chris Corona.... He's so pasty, front to back.. He's so white he's almost black...that boy will leave his mark...he glows in the dark!

Just how while we'll never know, lights up life like indiglow. Livin'his life for romance, gotta see that white guy dance.

Go white boy Go white boy GO!

Its friday night hes sitting at home bored out of his mind hes still alone hes looking for a girl, sixteen to twenty-six he dont care about looks he just needs a fix

could be your sister or your niece lux needs to get a piece 3x

Its a surprise he stays at home he stays at home his dicks the size of a trombone

"you know it ladies!"

His love runs deep like a canyon hes all alone with his blow up compainion hes so desperate theres nothing he wont do but beautys just a light swtich away

ladies the song has reached its end and i still have not a girlfriend could be your sister or your niece but i gotta get a piece TAKE IT AWAY FRO

Its like I cant explain That everyone is so the same No one shares my point of view Hell why am i even telling you Life sucks like a straw I wanna sip I'll send the world on another guilt trip

I'm so cool, I'm so deep I write poetry in my sleep I hide my feelings for everyone too see I am so sad and angry Iím so sad and pissed

My parents hate my band Why canít they just understand That I dont want them or their wealth They don't know me because I donít know myself

I hate those people that hate everything "Everyone is fake" they all sing I'm so sick of it I'm a hypocrite I like bands youíve never heard I hate it when people say a word I hate my dog I hate my cat I hate you and you hate that

So Long
How could your love make me blind? How could I lose my mind? But I'll go on, I will be strong. So Long, So Long.

So Long, So Long, to you. And all the shit you put me through. I might be wrong, but i'm glad that your gone. So Long, So Long.

The sudden change your pace just to save your face but i stood by your side everytime that you lied maybe you were right I dont belong but maybe you were wrong so long so long

So It's over now, So It's done. I guess your sick of me, but it's been fun. It got old, and you got cold. So Long, So Long.

Another Life
My best friend and I
from two very differnt worlds
wasted a little too much time
just staring at girls
But we didnt know
that life is just a game
and as it turns out
we were one in the same

I guess its true, that ill never know
what to be, or how far to go
But im staying up, to see the next dawn
And im falling asleep, with the radio on
Like our truck on the ice, all swerving around
I'm screaming inside, but i cant make a sound
In another life

My best girl
shes leaving today
And I went to her house
to see her away
But i was too late
as i watched from afar
and i struggled to wave
at the back of her car

Something happens
when you get to that age
something happens
when you turn that page
something happens
when you get to that age
something happens
when you turn that page
turn that page

Crazy 'Bout You
I'm sorry I need a break, from all the blood that you love to take, You kept me in this cage, I'm so afraid of you and all your rage

Pre chorus: I punched the numbers I did the math, and now I'm sure you're a psycopath, but I gotta get back to the....

chorus: Street lights, the bar fights, the strange sights, the endless nights yea, back to the single life for me...

So for just a little while, i think i need to check my style, i've been whipped out of fear, and its been so long since i tasted beer

I love you, don't kill me, I fear you, don't kill me!

FOR GREAT JUSTICE (before you ask.. no, the name isn't supposed to make sense)
It's hard, being in a band with a bunch of retards, they play nintendo, and lay around, I've gotta do all the work i found...

Bridge: So you wanna be like us, cuz we're so damn hot, SO DAMN HOT!, so ya wanna be like us, well too bad you're not

We go on stage and act like asses, and we never get paid. We just try to appeal to the ignorant masses, cause thats how we get laid.

Chrous: We're kinda like em but they got small dicks, we play shows with them and we steal there chicks.

What happened to this life we've made, happened to the rent unpaid?
I'm pinned to my blue collar. Nothing ever will amount from this bank acount, someone lend me a dollar?

You'll say I owe an explanation,
More than anything or anyone.
You'll say I owe you some compensation,
For what's been said, and what's been done.
I... OWE... YOU.... yeah I owe you.

My cars a ------- reck, it'll go 'till my next check.
I've got no cash so I guess I'll let it. Tires are about to blow, the engines gonna go. God damn bad credit.

Last Weekend
Friday night I found my friends, the guys call out my name.
It don't matter where I've been, because we'll never be the same.
I know all the stops we'll make, I know all the streets we'll take.
To E-Hots for a plate, friday nights out late.

Saturday finds me again, on my knees holding her hand.
She's a tease it's hard to stand.
I know all the stops they'll make.
I know all the streets they'll take.
They're going on without me, but thats OK.

I live today so I can say.
I've still got four years to throw away.
Our whole lives, we've been rejected.
Let's do as they expected.

Sunday comes way to soon, and I hate the week in brings.
Out of luck and out of tune, amongst all other things.
I still know the stops we'll make.
I still know the streets we'll take.
Never let the moment pass you by.

No Regrets
Don't think that you can get away with everything you say and do
and if you think its true then you can spread your lies.
And if it gets you through your day that's fine with me but don't say I didn't try.

Just make the best of what you've got
and if you're not prepared or if you're scared to tell us the whole truth then we don't care.
There's always something better that can take your place.
I don't wanna hear your pitiful excuses anymore.

Saying goodbye has never been easier.
You make me wish that I had never seen your face.

Stop, think, what were we supposed to do?
Maybe your just scared to face the truth?
You know we would have done the same to you.
Yeah, your just scared to face the truth.

I's love to sit down, and laugh about the good times
we had and all the memories we've shared.
But good times often seem to be forgotten when I wish that you were never even there.

Boldly Going Nowhere
I might be lying in the gutter, but I'm staring at the stars.
Coming up short of all my goals so far.
You don't know where your going, at least I've got my shit straight.
This life I'm living, it's just a game to me.

Why you always gotta take yourself so seriously?
It's a game to me and I wouldn't want it any other way.
Why you always gotta look at me with hatefull eyes?
It's no surprise that I'm not gonna change.

I was out late last night drinking when you thought I shoudn't be.
I'm drowning in this alcoholic sea.
I guess you'd rather sit inside and be bitter at the world.
While I'm getting ass, from every single girl.