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Name: Jim Terranova

Age: 18 on February 26th of 2002

Hometown: Webster NY...surburban bliss.

Favorite Movies: TOMMY BOY, Dirty Work, Fight Club, Se7en, Black Sheep, Matrix, Wayne's World, Moulin Rouge, Romeo and Juliet (the newer one) and Austin Powers I and II.

Favorite Bands: *Ataris*, Green Day, Goldfinger, NFG, Good Charlotte, MEST, RBF, Aerosmith, Metallica, Dashboard, Homegrown, Weezer, and Rancid.

Place of Employment: Waldron's...been bussing and washing and getting shit on since 1999.

Sports: Varsity and travel Soccer

Favorite sayings: "Deushe Bag" & "Ga-Doosh!" & "Deutch Bag"

Best Girl: Katie... we're getting close to one year together, so all you girls gots to get up out of my grill for shizzle...this sexy bizzle is off limits. I'm gonna be with her forever...or as long as she can put up with me.

Equipment: ESP H-100, Crate GFX 212, Shure wireless thing

E-mail: Y2JimmyT@hotmail.com

AOL IM: Y2JimmyT

Well, what is there to say. It's amazing to be in the band (again) and I'm totally psyched for everything and anything that this band is going to achieve. I know this is going to be a lot of fun.